Amethyst Engagement Rings – Combination of Helpful and Beautiful

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Amethyst Engagement Rings

The fascinating gloss of an amethyst ring or other jewelry fascinates and attracts attention. Therefore the jewelry with this gem is one of the most luxurious and refined. Each of the natural gems is distinguished by its unique hue, where nature creates stones of pale pink, deep purple and fuchsia colors. A sophisticated cut stone allows it to shine, sparkle throw its bright reflections. Original amethyst engagement rings resemble flowers that delight the eyes of the owner and attract the attention of others.

An amethyst is the most valuable kind of quartz, which is characterized by a purple color, saturation, which can vary from subtle to bright colors and a glassy luster. An amethyst has a valuable medicinal and magical properties. The ancient Romans used it as a means of neutralizing the effects of extreme intoxication and strong poisons. People wore jewelry with amethyst during major epidemics, as they believed that in this way it can protect the body from the infection. An amethyst helps in treating various inflammatory processes in the body and also at a high temperature. In modern practice of lithotherapists it is used as a remedy from insomnia, nervous disorders, anxiety and to enhance of cerebral circulation. Its beneficial effect has only provided by the constant wearing. This stone is a common symbol of sincerity, peace and goodness, because the owner of this gem can be absolutely sure about the honesty and sincerity of husband’s feelings.

An amethyst is recommended to wear only in a silver frame. However, there are other options if the decoration combined with other stones. Amethyst engagement rings, as a rule, are usually made in a classic style. A frame can be made from yellow, white gold or silver in the form of petals, flowers, intricately curved and twisted patterns, adorned with cubic zirconia, which further accentuate the beauty and luster of the main stone of the composition – the amethyst.

When choosing such a jewelry ring with amethyst, silver may stay unnoticed in favor of gold, but this product is more affordable than the gold ring with amethyst, while not losing in a amethyst engagement ring

Amethyst engagement rings are a popular decoration nowadays. This piece of jewelry has a number of features that make it popular:

  1. This gemstone has a fairly wide range of colors, so an amethyst ring can be quite varied and chosen in any shade.
  2. A ring looks mystical and fascinating with a large amethyst – particularly interesting effect can be get in the evening lighting, when the shimmering mineral may suddenly change its color.
  3. The most common metal in the frame which you can meet in an amethyst ring is gold, it can be yellow, white or red and the product will be still luxurious. It is also believed that the gold ring with amethyst has rejuvenating properties.

Luxury amethyst engagement rings have high enough price, but they are still readily available. Almost everyone can buy a gold ring with albeit small amethyst. The price on a more original gold ring with amethyst will be respectively much higher, but the impression of such a product will produce appropriate.

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