Aquamarine Wedding Rings – Extrasensory Abilities

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Aquamarine Wedding Rings 2015

When we talk about a wedding ring, we firstly imagine it with diamonds, which attacks with its brilliance! Nowadays, diamonds are thought to be a common cliche! While you are marveling at this ring on your finger, you know there are at least ten couples who tied their marriage bond with similar rings. Most newlyweds are choosing diamonds when it comes to rings for the wedding. Sometimes it is necessary to forget for a moment about the diamonds and turn an attention to other precious stones, which are so generously endowed by nature. One of them is an aquamarine. It has been successfully used in the jewelry. The excellent choice will be silver or gold aquamarine wedding rings.

The name of aquamarine stone is the ocean waves in blue color! This name has a latin origin, “aqua” is meaning a water and “marine” means the sea. This name reflects exactly how the ring looks. An aquamarine stone is found in various shades of blue. Some of them display a splash of green ocean that makes these shades wonderful! You may combine it with yellow gold, silver, white gold or platinum. For more beauty and luxury, you may combine multiple diamonds around the aquamarine in the style of a single design.

This stone has the energy, which is susceptible to extrasensory abilities. Aquamarine wedding rings have healing properties, they can restore the spiritual body, relieve stress and keep your inner calm in any situation.
Wedding rings with aquamarine ensure the completeness of married life and this quality is desirable for brides and also for those who prefer to return a lost love. A gold and aquamarine help together to maintain the blossoming of love in marriage and relationships.

Aquamarine wedding rings setsAquamarine wedding rings sets

A silver wedding ring with aquamarine is recommended by parapsychologists for those people who are prone to suffer a passion for different kinds of adventures. A silver with aquamarine gives calmness and tranquility. People have got the worldly wisdom with this stone. Spouses who wear silver wedding rings with aquamarine, very rarely cheat on each other.

A gold ring with aquamarine guarantees a long, quiet and measured family life. They also attract for couples prosperity and success in business. This combination surprisingly carries the water energy and the heat of the fire.

Aquamarine wedding rings always admire for their beauty and originality. Delicate shades of blue and deep blue of the stone have long been associated with the water. To emphasize the sophistication of aquamarine, jewelers create exclusive decorations, different delicate and sophisticated design.

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