Asian bridal makeup: 10 tricks from asian beauties

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Indian Asian bridal makeup ideas

Asian women fascinate and captivate men. We may remember even the legendary geisha ladies. Their faces are in a special way very cute and look fascinating. And it is not just their natural features: asians just know a lot of make-up special tricks, forcing their eyes to shine even brighter and a lady – to be more expressive. And even if the shape of your eyes is not asian, it is worth to use several secrets of asian women which may become the zest for your asian bridal makeup:

  • 1. Light shadows.Asian girls love to use light shadows: matte or shimmery. It can be white, beige or slightly golden. It is practically impossible to go too far with shadows, because they look very nice and unobtrusive. They make eyes brighter and more beautiful especially for the wedding celebration.
  • 2. Saturated shadows along the eye contour.Asian bridal makeup implies the technique of underlining the eye contour of an eyelid with dark color shadows. Shadows can be gray or brown. This method enlarges the eyes and makes them stand out perfectly.
  • 3. The using of light shadows under the eyebrows.The using of light shadows under the eyebrows went exactly from asians. It is better if the shadows are shimmering: with its help you can visually “open” the look and enhance your eyes.
  • 4. Eye liner along the lash line.Asians especially well can emphasize the interesting shape of the eyes. The usual black eyeliner helps them to do it. It is used along the lash line.
  • 5. Eyeliner on the waterline.When you apply an eyeliner along the growth of your eyelashes, try to draw an arrow very close to the waterline – a line along the inner edge of the eye. If you are succeed with this, then the shape of your eyes will become even more attractive and will capture and amaze.
  • 6. Eyeliner upper eyelid in a wing-shape.To highlight the beautiful almond-shaped eyes, asians use a special method of drawing the upper eyelid with an eyeliner: it is drawn in the form of a wing. The arrow of eastern girls in most cases do not go beyond the movable eyelid, as they prefer in asian bridal makeup the modest elegance.
  • 7. The wave of eyelashes.Since asian eyelashes are mostly straight and short, they use special eyelash curler. After lashes are seductively curled, they are applied with mascara.
  • 8. The use of mascara.A mascara in the asian makeup should be applied on the upper and lower eye lashes. Volume eye lashes help visually to make eyes larger and more tempting.
  • 9. Correction of the face.Asian girls often have a circular shape and usually many of them prefer to fix it. For this purpose women from the East use the shimmering blusher of natural colors that is applied to the protruding cheeks from the bottom to up. Such a method by highlighting cheekbones gives a relief oval face and makes it more correct.
  • 10. Matte red lipstick.Asians especially like matte lipstick, that is actively exploding podiums this season. If you have not it in your arsenal yet, now is the time to buy it, because asian bridal makeup give an opportunity to experiment.

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Indian Asian bridal makeup ideas

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