Beach Wedding Invitations – 10 Cool Ideas

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Beach Wedding Invitations

If you decided to spend your wedding on the beach, be sure to use all the marine style in the wedding elements. And do not forget about the beach wedding invitations in the same theme! Since the sea for the most people is associated with water and sand, blue and sandy are those colors that are often selected as motives for thematic marine wedding.

Use 10 ideas for making out wedding invitations, that will be easy to implement:

  1. Romantic palms
    What do you most associate with the beach? Of course, these are palm trees. Place the neat drawing two palm trees on your invitations that will symbolize the two newlyweds. And do not forget about the sea blue fringing!
  2. Brown chic
    Blue is not the only color that fits the theme of the sea. Combine elegant brown for the cover and text and glamorous golden for drawings. Add a beautiful envelope with a tied ribbon and an open top.
  3. Bows and ribbons
    Now bows are in the fashion! And not only for hair. Bows can be safely added to your invitation. The unusual design definitely attracts the attention of visitors. Use a little blue bow on the side.
  4. The message in the envelope
    This unusual envelope is easy to make even by yourself: use a cardboard sheet that is used for gluing invitations, wrap it with a trim sheet and an elegant bow in the middle.
  5. Minimalism in the wedding fashion
    The sea theme for beach wedding invitations is great, but the whole design should be made in a minimalist spirit. A large anchor on the top will adjust to the marine way. It may be just a greeting card with a wonderful view of the sea. Simply and tastefully!
  6. Passport for the party
    Give each of your guest a passport for your wedding sea. The bright blue color is perfect for this design. A starfish mood on the invitation will give a light playful mood.
  7. Beach decor for invitations
    A thematic pattern, painted with watercolors gives originality for invitations. Let it be hand-made invitations with small seashells on a ribbon. A pink border corresponds romantic mood of the beach wedding.
  8. Message in a bottle
    Be original and place your invitations of a beautiful parchment inside the bottles. Specify the location on the map, which will host the wedding.
  9. The original decor for the invitation
    Decorate your sea invitations with neat flowers. This pattern is very suitable for a beach wedding.
  10. The marine inhabitants
    Algae or fern thickets on white and a blue background are well suited for marine style. Let this pattern to be present on all the elements of the wedding decor.

Beach wedding invitations are the visiting cards that will intrigue guests and give them to imagine your wedding very stylish and interesting.beach wedding invitation wording

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