Black and white wedding invitations – Rich and bright

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White and black wedding invitations 2015

Why do so many couples believe that it is impossible to arrange a wedding in strict black and white? It would be also very beautiful. Use chic lace for black and white wedding invitations. Your guests have not certainly seen such amazing cards!

In order to use the black and white lace for invites, you have not need a huge effort, but only the imagination and, of course, desire! Such invitations will look very rich and bright!

Stylish black and white wedding invitations may be ornate and solemn with lace – such not a rich range of colors will help to emphasize two colors – white, like a look of the bride gown and black, like the groom’s outfit. The classic style of invites may be diluted with an interesting lace or other decorations. Such a style of invites wins, because they are versatile and requires minimum effort in comparison with other ways of cards design.

Surely you will prefer to organize in the “lace” style the whole wedding celebration decor! In this case, surely take care of the lace veil, stylish lace gloves, instead of satin and an unusual lace wedding dress, which will be combined with both white and black.

Invitations with a black and white picture of a couple with a romantic theme also may look amazing. It gives the feel of the couple interrelation. Black and white cards became popular with the advent of fashion monochromatic wedding style. In every family photo collection there is certainly a romantic picture that can be black and white.

You may play with the form of black and white wedding invitations, sending cards in the form of chess pieces. If the event is small, and guests have a sense of humor, you may send yourself inexpensive chess pieces of the set, folded into the hollow part the scrolls with the main text.

An interesting idea could be black and white cards in the look of newspapers of the last century. The format of the newspaper has to be completely used – write articles about groom and bride, like where they met each other, made a marriage proposal, when the wedding event will take place, print the list of invitees directly in a newspaper and a lot of ideas can still come up.

Wonderful black and white wedding invitations could be decorated in the print of polka dots. In the decoration design of the card black and white and filled up with silver shade may be used. You could also add here some satin ribbons of these colors and dilute bright polka dots decor of invitations with simple background colors and details to complete the image.

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White and black wedding invitations 2015

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