Black Diamond Wedding Rings: Unusual Features

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Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Black diamond wedding rings for her are a fresh trend in jewelry. Many are accustomed that bridal rings should have a diamond, traditionally white. And in nature, most diamonds are white. Colored stones are rare.

Wedding rings with black diamonds occupy a special place in the jewelry business. Such stones are original and chic. There is even a legend that this gemstone is an extraterrestrial in origin and is a fragment of a meteorite that once fell on the Earth.

Black diamond wedding rings for her look very expensive and represent the power, wealth and independence. Black stones bring a good luck to the bride. Fashion wedding rings and stones are changing very rapidly, but black diamond are always in trend. If you go back and look at the history, it seems that the cost of black diamonds over time, not only did not fall, but also increases.

Black diamond is very difficult to cut. It does not have the radiance, which has the usual white diamond. And only the most experienced jewelers take a facet of colored diamonds, because the problem is almost mathematical and consist of the titanic work.

Best basis for such stones are usually white metals: platinum, palladium or white gold.

Palladium is attractive for its absolute whiteness and relatively low cost. It shades the depth darker. In addition, palladium is known for high strength and resistance to deformation, which is a significant factor when it is selected for everyday wear. Two more good points in favor of the metal – the ease and compatibility with silver. If the girl prefers silver to gold, her ring in palladium harmoniously fit to her rings with black diamonds

White gold is also a perfect choice for tracks with black diamonds. Although it inferiors to palladium in strength.

Platinum is a heavy-duty metal. It has darker shade than palladium, so the contrast of black and white is not so bright.

Black diamond wedding rings for her are quite classical compositions, but in a new vision of designers. They are an excellent choice for those couples who love novelty and do not want to let go the traditions.

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