Black And White Wedding Cakes

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black white wedding cakes

Formal wedding with white and black color themes, imply the usage of all decoration items particularly in these colors. Starting with wedding invitations and ending with wedding cakes, black and white colors must be predominating. Depending on the level of the wedding’s formality as well as theme chosen, you can select a proper cake. In all cases, all black and white wedding cakes are simply splendid! Anyway, you can meet as simple and modest white cakes with black basic ribbons, so luxurious and the most extraordinary cake designs! So, sit back comfortably and mentally plunge into the tasty world of wedding cakes with us!
Vine Cake is perhaps one of the most beautiful cakes fulfilled in black and white. This several storey white cake features little black vines with branches throughout the whole cake! The busy design used for this cake, eliminates any possibility of applying extra embellishments on the cake. Having an organic and elegant look, this cake mostly suits formal outdoor weddings.
Another splendid design within black and white wedding cakes is The Crystal Cake. This three storey white cake, which can have either round or square tires (square ones are more preferable), has simple black ribbons at tier links and a crystal spray topper. The latter looks chic and enhances a modern look to the whole cake. Due to the crystal topper, which reminds of snowflakes or ices, The Crystal Cake looks best especially in winter time!
Floral toppers can be used on white and black cakes to add some color and brightness to them. Not to look overdone, the cake should have several boldly colored roses on top and perhaps lay beside the cake. Make sure the flowers chosen suit great with the cake and add an attractive accent to it. Besides, flowers add quite softer and more organic look to the wedding reception.
Anyway, if you want a simpler and a bit more elegant cake, which will at the same time add fun and craziness to the wedding reception, use many black bows on your white cake: it will surely look romantic, while with a few ones you will get a more formal look. Placing them at each tier, you will enhance a whimsical touch to it.
Anyway, there are also many other options within black and white wedding cakes such as Thin Piping, Pinned Ribbon, Flowers and Dots, Stenciled Cake, Single Blooms, Artisan Cake etc. All models of these colors are simply wonderful and attractive. With a colorful accent they can suit any theme of your wedding. Just apply a yellow colored flower or a dark red rose to it, and it will beautify your garden weddings as well!

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black white wedding cakes

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