Bridal Shower Gift Ideas for the Bride

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A wedding is an event of both a bride and a groom but bridal shower gifts differ from wedding presents. They tend to be cheaper and should be only for the bride. These gifts can be used in her married life or in the new house. They may include practical items and things she would not buy for herself.
The simplest way to please the bride is asking her about her wishes, especially if she is quiet practical. It has obvious advantage – there is no need to puzzle over bridal shower gift ideas. But still it isn`t creative and much too pragmatic.
Popular bridal shower gift ideas include items of lingerie that can be very sexy as well as for daily wear.
Perfume is also a perfect bridal shower gift. It can be set of bubble bath, perfume, body lotion in her favorite scent. If a bride is going for a honeymoon, these items in travel kits can be rather useful. You can also gift another travel pieces such as travel luggage bag, disposable waterproof camera, thermos, beach towels, travel guide or sunglasses.
If you think about a meaningful gift to the bride you can make a photo collage using some of her pictures. Bride`s picture painted by artist will make an effect.
If you know the bride not so well, try to ask to her friends what she likes, or you can choose a mall shopping coupons so she can buy the things to her choice.
Some gifts are unsuitable for a wedding as they are considered to be bad luck. According to the superstition sharp cutting items can bring disagreements between newlyweds. Mirrors, glassy items, watches are also considered to bring misfortune. Concerning gifts for home, a stand lamp or bedspread are rather risky gifts as they may not to fit into interior. However, you can gift decorative pieces such as flowerpots and potted plants, vase, tablecloths or photo frames.
You can give something according to hobbies of the bride. If she likes cooking then you can gift her cookery books or DVDs, nice serving vessels, a spice set etc. If the bride prefers gardening then you can gift her gardening tools, plants or books about gardening.
If the bridal shower is near Christmas it is an excellent opportunity for giving ornaments to the bride that are useful for Christmas tree decoration.
Dinner at a good restaurant or tickets at the ballet can be perfect bridal shower gift ideas.
Remember, not the value of a gift that is important. You can make a gift to the bride attached your own talents. It may be painting, a wedding scrapbook, a handmade frame or patch-work quilt.

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