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Winter Wedding Flowers

Most of the newlyweds prefer celebrating such a remarkable event as wedding in the warmer months. But winter wedding has a number of advantages. It`s much easier to find a restaurant for banquet; services of a photographers and a stylists are cheaper in winter than in the warmer months, and photographs of the newlyweds among the snowy trees are exceedingly beautiful.
Wedding bouquet for a bride should be chosen according to the style and color of the wedding gown, girls features and tastes.
Choosing winter wedding flowers you should consider range of colors. Flowers in tints of white can merge with snowing landscape and a wedding dress. Florists suggest using bright accent colors, for instance, greenery and tints of garnet. Damask roses can be used as a fine special accent. Besides, these flowers withstand low temperatures quiet well that is important in winter period. Don`t use orchids, irises and lilies for the winter bouquet – they are extremely sensitive to cold and become dark quickly. Stabilized flowers are a perfect choice for winter wedding. They don`t suffer from cold and can stay fresh for some years after wedding day.
To vary a wedding bouquet you can use fir cones, branches of conifer and berries.
Draw attention on flowers which grow in winter. Amaryllis is one of the most famous winter flowers. These elegant plants are ideally suited for the wedding on Valentine’s Day due to red and white colors.

winter wonderland wedding flowers

Anemones are also looking quiet splendid and can be found easily in December and January. They come in red, blue, pink and white colorations – for all tastes.
Bright yellow daffodils can adorn your snow-white winter wedding. Sky-blue forget-me-nots are also perfect winter wedding flowers.
Not many people know that jasmine is a typical winter flower. These delicate flowers evoke a truly romantic atmosphere. In combination with red roses, jasmine is also suitable for a Valentine`s Day wedding.
Tulips delight the eye from December to the end of April and their different colors amaze us. Tulips come in pink, white, red, yellow, blue and even purple!
Chrysanthemum and gerbera are suitable for cold weather and show tolerance to prolonged exposure to cold temperatures. Calla lilies create image of a romantic bride last throughout the celebration. Despite lilies of the valley and crocuses are spring flowers, they are also withstand low temperatures quiet well.
You can also order a second bunch of winter wedding flowers for the wedding banquet at the restaurant. In the warm hall there will be fresh flowers in your hands, regardless of their frost hardiness.

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