Casual Wedding Dresses – Five Positive Facts for Choosing

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casual wedding guest dresses

In the spring and summer period of weddings, more brides choose casual wedding dresses. In most cases, this is a dress that you may wear again and again, but this fact does not take away the chance to shine with the beauty!

Five positive facts for choosing casual wedding dresses:

  1. One of the principles of wedding dresses in the style of casual is your complete freedom in choosing! The cut of these dresses can be absolutely different, but often the choice should be stopped on the latest trends of the season.
  2. The casual style is always easy! We are not talking about jeans or T-shirts, though this outfit also may be used nowadays, but the comfort of the bride’s dress in free style is a must have!
  3. Casual not only gives space for imagination, but also a lot of opportunities to hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the figure. So, A-line dresses successfully can hide a few extra pounds, dresses with a high waist and a high V-cut neckline further underline the chest area and place right emphases. A bride will look dazzlingly in a restrained strict dress on a figure and just below the knee, supplemented with a flat clutch, classic shoes and one bright accessory. This outfit will emphasize the grace and harmony of shapes.

    white casual wedding dresses

    white casual wedding dresses

  4. Casual makes it easy to play with bright accessories and color. Thus, the white dress will fit perfectly with the belt and shoes of ruby color and beads in the same range. Vibrant prints, floral motifs in drawings, very catchy and noticeable accessories and even black are acceptable for such dresses! Particularly bright and daring experiment among designers became options of wedding dresses in casual style with black print as an accent on a white background. The most brave bride can afford even a variation of the little black dress, but in spite of permissiveness and freedom of casual. The main rule will always be the relevance and appropriateness of the dress.
  5. Wearing a wedding dress in the style of casual, it is important to remember that this style does not fit with pretentiousness and complexity of volume hairstyles. All items, hairstyle and makeup should be in harmony to create an image and complement each other.
casual wedding dress 2015

casual wedding dresses 2015

Casual style is able to easily maintain a themed wedding in the spirit of American 60’s, and give weightlessness for bride whose wedding is taking place at the sea. The simplicity of casual wedding dresses does not take away the ability to be a princess at your own wedding, but merely opens a million opportunities for your imagination!

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