thermography wedding invitations

Thermography wedding invitations

The thermography method was invented as an inexpensive alternative way of the engraving. In this technique for making thermography wedding invitations fresh paint and thermographic powder are used. Cards are making with the effect like embossing, which is obtained by engraving. It is given gloss for the print. It is assumed that the text is not obtained too sharp, like in engraving. This method of printing makes the imprint with […]

royal blue and yellow wedding invitations

Royal blue wedding invitations

Royal blue color is typical for winter weddings (for example, a wedding in the style of “Gzhel”) and nautical theme. Today it is losing ground to light blue and navy blue colors. If you have decided that your wedding should be in the royal blue color, so it must resonate in all the wedding accessories. Make royal blue wedding invitations and hit all the guests! The main flower for the […]

Foil invitations

Foil Wedding Invitations – Luxurious Look of the Cards

Foil wedding invitations are usually made in two ways: foiling and foil stamping. Foiling is the card printing method based on the using of foil as an external component of the text or images. This technology gives the invitation a beautiful metallic sheen. Foiling is proceeding as follows: an invitation is printed on a laser printer, then it is applied with a special foil, which is reactive with dye. In […]

outdoor party decorating ideas

Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas for a Wonderful Event

Outdoor wedding decoration ideas can afford to create incredibly beautiful and unique event. The weddingamong the nature is an opportunity not only for a good fun, but also a break from the usual city bustle,weekdays and offices. How to come up with something that will allocate a celebration among millions of others, and which outdoorwedding decoration ideas use properly in the design? Outdoor wedding decoration ideas: 5 tips Decor wedding […]

Summer Wedding Dresses 2015

Summer Wedding Dresses 2015 – Look Comfortable and Chic

A lhuge number of weddings are organized in the summer. In colder times of the year some newlyweds prefer to spend the marriage ceremony on a sunny sandy beach in the warm countries. A sunny warm weather, elegant lively nature create the perfect mood not only for the young couple and their guests, but also the whole event. In addition, the warm weather gives brides the opportunity to choose from […]

White and black wedding invitations 2015

Black and white wedding invitations – Rich and bright

Why do so many couples believe that it is impossible to arrange a wedding in strict black and white? It would be also very beautiful. Use chic lace for black and white wedding invitations. Your guests have not certainly seen such amazing cards! In order to use the black and white lace for invites, you have not need a huge effort, but only the imagination and, of course, desire! Such […]

Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands: Durable, Powerful And Valuable

For many centuries, plain gold rings have been if not the only, then the mostly chosen option as a male’s wedding band. Even though today such a wedding band is still highly appreciated and honored, yet there are numerous other options. When it comes to choosing one’s band for getting married, a man has such a vast range in front of him to choose from! Yellow and white gold, platinum, […]

Handmade Wedding Invitations Templates Ideas

Wedding Invitation Ideas and Make your Wedding Special

Wedding invitation ideas intend to present brides and grooms with all possible designs that will make wedding shower invitations unique and beautiful. A good one has not only the obligation to inform the guests about the date and place of the ceremony, but also is responsible to convey the wedding’s theme and color palette thus preparing the guests to what they are going to see. Many stationery shops offer a […]