foil wedding invitations

Foil Wedding Invitations – Luxurious Look of the Cards

Foil wedding invitations are usually made in two ways: foiling and foil stamping. Foiling is the card printing method based on the using of foil as an external component of the text or images. This technology gives the invitation a beautiful metallic sheen. Foiling is proceeding as follows: an invitation is printed on a laser printer, then it is applied with a special foil, which is reactive with dye. In […]

gothic black and red wedding invitations

Red wedding invitations

How to create red wedding invitations in the best way? The invitation itself could be made in white color in the shape of the envelope and the clasp is better to make like a red lace butterfly. But in addition to this design, use a white satin ribbon to tie a wedding beautiful letter. It is no longer a novelty to decorate invitations with flowers, but it is always in […]

25th anniversary invitations

25th wedding anniversary invitations

Every significant event in one’s life has to not only be memorized but also celebrated! Perhaps the most compelling events are the wedding day and children’s birthdays! If the latter is celebrated annually, the first one is celebrated solemnly only at Wood Wedding, Tin Wedding, Crystal Wedding, Silver Wedding, Ruby Wedding, Gold Wedding and Diamond Wedding days. Each of this wedding anniversaries implies a certain theme with according wedding invitations. […]

backless bridesmaid dresses

Affordable Backless Wedding Dresses

Clothes with naked back started to be used for marriage celebrations at the beginning of the last century. However, at that time it concerned to evening models. Only a daring girl could afford to show her open back. Famous singers and bohemians were wearing such clothing options. Today, fashion is back and many females can afford to dress themselves with affordable backless wedding dresses. By choosing a wedding dress with […]

wedding website about us examples

Wedding Website Examples: Create Your Own Memory

Wedding! What could be more beautiful than the most light, filled with joyful smiles day. Spouses sometimes mentally want to go back and re-live it and they envy those who still are waiting for this day to come. To save the entire range of feelings, to carry them through the year and leave as bright will help the colorful and creative wedding website examples. In such examples you will always […]

Tree invitations

Tree wedding invitations

A tree has always been embodied with the genus and family, so the larger and wider tree means the stronger family. Ideas for tree wedding invitations may be different, it depends on the style of your event. An invitation with a tree lush foliage leaves may accentuate the spring mood of your celebration. Choose an unusual shape of trees (like oak, maple, and others), surprise guests with the unusual design. […]

gold sparkly bridesmaid dresses

Sparkly Wedding Dresses – Shine Like a Star

Every wedding outfit itself has a festive look, but the bride prefers on this special day to be really wonderful, sophisticated, brilliant. Nowadays it is possible, because the future wife can find in bridal salons sparkly wedding dresses. They are incredibly elegant, but have not become a trend yet. Therefore, many brides just do not know what to expect from them. What are the sparkly dresses? Sparkly wedding dresses can […]

indian wedding invitation wording

Indian Wedding Invitation Wording Reflects The Status Of Wedding Host

Every culture is unique and amazing. Every culture has educational and wise sides. And every culture is worth respecting and admiring. So is the Indian culture. Indian brides and grooms-to-be get prepared for their marriage with a vigilant care and tenderness, as every marriage in this culture has a precious value. A marriage in their conception is not only a union of two loving personalities. It is rather a great […]