Wedding Invitation Samples

Wedding Invitation Samples Help To Coordinate Well In Design And Wording

No wedding celebration can be considered thoroughly organized without sending weding invitations to all guests. This tradition dates back to old times and has been kept and even developed in recent decades. If in old times messengers were hired to inform the necessary guests about the wedding celebration, today this duty lies on wedding invites’ shoulders! However, a wedding invitation is much more than simply a way of informing about […]

embossed wedding invitations

Embossed wedding invitations give a big impression

The embossed printing leaves imprint on a paper that has no color, but has another important quality – it is volumetric, convex, has a special tangible, visible relief. Embossed wedding invitations usually give a big impression for the person who holds them in hands at the first time. They look chic and luxury. Embossed printing has an unusual, or better to say, unconventional, tooling, that is another way of putting […]

cheap butterfly wedding invitations

Butterfly wedding invitations

How rejoice our souls, when we see the first spring butterfly! For spring and summer weddings can be very useful and suitable this light, gentle, romantic image – a symbol of elegance, delicacy and transformation. Butterfly wedding invitations will effectively complement your celebration and create a mood of the lightness and tenderness. Making butterflies cards you can use any colors. Butterflies are very airy and delicate images, they allow you […]

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses

Gorgeous Wedding Dresses in the World

Most brides just go crazy about wedding dresses and begin to choose it long before the upcoming ceremony. Of course, all brides want their imagine to be the most gorgeous. In many bridal salons there a lot of gorgeous wedding dresses, so every girl can afford to choose the one that best suits her needs. Often the bride chooses custom made gown, so she can add any of the author’s […]

black and gold wedding invitations

Black and gold wedding invitations

Wedding invitations come in a great range of style, design and color options. Depending on the theme chosen for you wedding celebration, you can choose an appropriate style to create the most wonderful invites! Yet, before choosing color for the invitations, make sure it coincides with your wedding theme. For instance grey wedding invitations will not decorate a romantic wedding ceremony, while they will be perfect for formal weddings. Meanwhile […]

summer wedding theme ideas

Wedding Theme Ideas 2015

Wedding theme ideas 2015 have some adjustments and innovations in comparison with the previous season, but the naturalness and restraint still are remained as the base. What are the main themes of weddings we may expect this year? Russian wedding The most important trend of the next season will be a Russian theme. A russian ballet, the mysterious russian fairy tales, sumptuous costumes and stylization – all these give a […]

Red And Black Wedding Invitations

Create Luxurious Wedding Foretaste With Red And Black Wedding Invitations

Being a high contrast and a great way to stand out in the crowd for foretasting your wedding day, red and black wedding invitations will serve as excellent as nothing else! Elegant and glamorous, bold and classic, passionate and discreet color combination of black and red is timeless fashionable and enchanting! If black and white colors are obligatory for any wedding, you can nicely break the solemnity with red color. […]

white gold wedding bands sets

Wedding Ring Sets for Women – Purchasing Advices

An engagement ring symbolizes the seriousness of the intentions of the young man to formalize the relationship by marriage. In European countries it is very old, romantic and beautiful tradition. Such an engagement gift can be called a pleasant detail in the ways of bustle in the preparation of the wedding. This jewelry, provided a happy and successful marriage, is passed from generation to generation to their children and grandchildren. […]