Wedding color schemes 2015

Wedding color schemes for a trendy event

One of the most serious task for a bride is choosing wedding color schemes. It is not easy to pick a color that would be not only pleasant for everyone, but would fit the style of your celebration. The main thing – to find the color pallete that will be great for you, while choosing the correct combination of colors and shades. 1. Mint and pink Mint and pink colors […]

Church Winter Decoration Ideas Photo

Winter Wedding Decorations Bring About Wonderful and Dreamlike Celebration.

Winter wedding decorations can be beautiful, elegant and lovely, yet they mustn’t be predictable. There are so many ways to make the winter theme of a wedding look marvelous and unique for a couple, who determined to celebrate their union when snow flies. We have decided to help in distinguishing what elements to choose to make one’s winter wedding unforgettable.       Winter themes Choosing the right winter wedding […]

bridal shower centerpiece ideas

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas – Combining Business with Pleasure

Every wedding is preceded by a bridal shower. Use unique bridal shower ideas to organize unforgettable holiday. Whether it will be a beach, restaurant or fancy hotel, the venue of the party could change everything. If you decide to do everything according to a certain theme, then the place of the party should correspond to the whole style. Sometimes bridal shower is held in the house of relatives, bridesmaids, or […]

Lace Wedding Dress with Sleeves

Lace Wedding Dress with Sleeves. Why should you choose?

Lace wedding dress with sleeves is always associated with the grand and luxurious dress. Lace creates truly chic outfits, giving a special royal look. It is an elegant outfit, which gives the bride the attractiveness and femininity. A bride looks gently and reveals her weakness. Such dress is refined and graceful. Choosing a dress this type, remember: lace wedding dress is a self-sufficient, it is not necessary to reload it […]

shabby chic invitations

Shabby chic wedding invitations

At the height of fashion today is the style, capable of imparting a special atmosphere for a wedding celebration: fill it with a soft, lyrical mood and elegant details. “Shabby chic” – a good old refined and elegant classic, just a little careless and aged, able to take you in a fairy tale. Shabby texture, vintage accessories, vintage stuff, delicate pastel colors – all these are typical for shabby chic […]

Inexpensive Bridal Shower Invitations Making Your Guests Smile

Determining to use inexpensive bridal shower invitations does not have to mean you sacrifice the style and beauty of the entire shower. Moreover, these invitations will help you to save on your bridal shower budged so that you have more money to spend on the wedding ceremony itself. And if you have a little crafting talent, you will be able to make these invitations with your own hands! Just obtaining […]

casual wedding dresses for older brides

Wedding Dresses for Older Brides – the Restrained Beauty

Wedding is an outstanding event not only for the young females, but also for mature ladies. Regardless of age all brides want to be enchanting. If a forty years woman is getting married at first time, so the preference have to be given to lighter outfits: cream, milk, light beige. However, designers advise all brides white as a symbol of the connection between two beginnings. Such wedding dresses for older […]

Wedding Invitation Paper

Wedding Invitation Paper Determines The Effective Look Of Invitation

Wedding day is one of the most important ones in everyone’s life. It remains in one’s memory forever every time bringing back the same tender and exciting feelings you felt right on that very day. That is why it is important to pay great attention to every detail when organizing the celebration. Wedding invitations are the first element that set the beginning of every wedding. Accordingly they must be well […]