Organize your way-out celebration with wedding decor trends 2015

Every year there are new interesting ideas of the wedding decor. And though the classic is always relevant, organizing a modern celebration you should adopt some fashionable wedding decor trends 2015. Top 10 ideas for wedding decorations in 2015. ¬†Luxury trees and compositions of the branches will help to create a wedding ceremony with mystical and majestic atmosphere. Spectacular chandeliers will be the highlight of your decor. They will face […]

pretty wedding colors

Wedding color schemes for a trendy event

One of the most serious task for a bride is choosing wedding color schemes. It is not easy to pick a color that would be not only pleasant for everyone, but would fit the style of your celebration. The main thing – to find the color pallete that will be great for you, while choosing the correct combination of colors and shades. 1. Mint and pink Mint and pink colors […]

winter wonderland table decorations

Winter Wonderland Wedding Decorations – Magic Ideas

Winter weddings are full of warm family atmosphere and comfort. For creation a colorful image and placingcorrect stylistic accents, special attention should be given to the details of decoration. It will help you may toemphasize the winter theme in the wedding. Winter is not only white, though this should be your main color. Other winter colors can be shades of blue,soft green, silver, dark brown. Look for inspiration of winter […]

haute couture wedding dresses 2015

Haute Couture Wedding Dresses – True Art

Haute Couture is a high fashion, which is created manually by honored masters and representatives of the world’s fashion houses. In contrast to the finished dresses that can be purchased in usual boutiques, haute couture wedding dresses are the epitome of the true art. All models of the gowns are made by reservation only. Accordingly, the cost of such a wedding dress will be huge! Many people think that those […]

most popular engagement ring styles

Popular Engagement Rings 2015 from Tiffany

Of course the most popular engagement rings 2015 are made by the Tiffany brand. The “Tiffany” word has become the synonymous of the impeccable taste, charming and refined elegance. Tiffany’s possession is the rich diamond mine in South America. The company has introduced colored diamonds in fashion, using skillful cut and showing its unmatched beauty. Thanks to Tiffany today stones are evaluated not only by size, but the quality of […]

surprise wedding invitations

Surprise Wedding Ideas – How to you Entertain Your Guests

The most original weddings are those that surprise all the guests and are remembered forever. Think about the surprise wedding ideas that are more suitable for your couple and your guests! Perhaps you will like the wedding at the pool with a final swimming, night fireworks after dinner or a ceremony on a yacht. When planning a wedding, consider how you may entertain guests on the celebration. Riding on bikes […]

Wedding Outfit Ideas 2015

Wedding Outfit Ideas 2015 – Interesting Variations

Among flawless wedding outfit ideas 2015 are fashion bridal chic, composure, corsets, layering and finally white color came back. It actually has never left the wedding fashion, but during the last two years, it passed its position. Let’s look at some interesting ideas for the wedding dress from the new collections. A lacy white wedding dress “mermaid” on the basis of a corset. Such a dress visually is divided into […]

save the date wedding cards

Save the date wedding cards

Save the date wedding cards usually indicate just the names of the couple and the date of the upcoming wedding. They are sent to all guests, even those with whom you did not yet determined exactly. Save the date cards have to be to send in 6-10 months before the celebration. In such a way guests will know about the planned event and their plans will be based on it. […]