vintage wedding gown

Vintage Wedding Gowns – Stunning Echo of the Past

The vintage style is gaining popularity every day. It is incredibly beautiful and stylish! Of course, many people like old things and clothes and now, more and more couples are choosing vintage and retro theme for their weddings. Vintage wedding gowns are stunning and incredibly beautiful! Lace, rhinestones, satin, pearls and exquisite silhouettes are all the formula for vintage success! Dresses are elegant, often with a high collar, but the […]

Beautiful Lace Strapless Wedding Dress 2015

Strapless Wedding Dresses Enhance Sexuality and Sensuality of a Bride

Strapless wedding dresses make a bride look dreamlike sexy and appealing. Opening shoulders and the upper part of her breasts, a bride proves her extreme sexuality and braveness. Not all women can afford to wear his kind of dresses, as they emphasize body advantages and dis-advantages. To wear them the bride should have toned arms, as they show off more skin than other ones. That is why strapless wedding gowns […]

Black and Purple Wedding Dresses Collection 2015

Purple Wedding Dresses Reveal Bride’s Sense of Elegance and Chic

Purple wedding dresses have recently been gracing bridal fashion week runaways making everyone take a notice of it. No denial that white bridal gowns will forever remain the symbols of classic and beauty, but there is certainly something undeniable and thrilling about the appeal of a magnificent bright or light purple wedding dress! If you are an attentive follower of Vera Wang’s marvelous collections, then you must have noticed the […]

Calligraphy invitations

Calligraphy wedding invitations

We are so accustomed to run with the times, that have forgotten a bit about such beauty as calligraphy. But how great these handwritten letters look in the calligraphy wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other wedding attributes! Calligraphy has always been considered something luxury and affordable only to the upper strata of society. The deal here is not just in signing cards. Indeed, the calligrapher gives you a family crest […]

bridal shower invites

Bridal Shower Invites Must Hint about the Shower Theme

Bridal shower invites lead to the very first step toward the creation of a happy marriage. A stylish bridal party attended by the bride’s friends and family, is undoubtedly an important step in every bride’s life. Every bride-to-be dreams as much about a wedding ceremony as about a bridal shower. During this party she gets the opportunity to gather with all her friends and relatives the last time before becoming […]

wedding bands for men with diamonds

Men’s Diamond Wedding Rings – the Standing Out

Men’s diamond wedding rings are really as important as the female rings. It is not fair to leave the groom without beautiful attension. Ring with brilliants is a tradition, classic, unchanging and eternal fashion style, which will constantly be in the trend. Yellow or white gold, delicate ring or an elegant ring with a diamond – that’s exactly the product that shines brilliantly. It looks expensive and has the unique beauty. […]

mens black titanium wedding bands with diamonds

Black Wedding Bands with Diamonds

The most traditional material for wedding jewelry, including also engagement rings, is the gold. Typically, this metal exists of two types of colors – yellow and white. Sometimes you may find a red, pink and green gold. For most it will be an unusual discovery that rings are for a wedding also made from black gold, which during the last decade is considered as the last word in the wedding […]

Best Cushion Cut Engagement Rings 2015

Best Engagement Rings 2015 for a Big Day of Proposal

The decision to get married is really wonderful moment in the life of the couple. Usually this event is accompanied by the giving a ring that the groom puts on the finger of his beloved. The classics are engagement rings with beautiful diamonds. Such a jewelry is often presented to the star brides by their famous suitors. The best engagement rings 2015 with this stone are discussed by glamor magazines, […]