Cheap Wedding Invites – Great Ideas and Options

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Cheap Wedding Invites

Cheap wedding invites should be better made by your own hands. Of course, you may buy the usual cards in the special stores or order online. But such an invitation has no soul – something special that will make your guests to plunge into the magic atmosphere of celebration.

Preparing for a wedding is quite troublesome and expensive. We have to spend the family savings. It is not so difficult to organize a cheap wedding. You should properly and efficiently take care about the various details. We are talking about the invitations.

There are great ideas and options for which the artistic ability and talent for needlework are not so important. The main thing is creativity and desire.

Movie invitation
Try yourself in the role of director and actress. So, you need an operator, camera and interesting idea. Think over the script. At the beginning you can depict scenes of acquaintance of your couple, the development of relations, the proposal and the invitation to the weddingin in the end of the video. On average, it should be no more than five minutes, because people who will watch the video become uninterested. Do not forget about the package. It is possible to place your sharing photo on it and make some kind of introduction, briefly telling what will be the film. Make envelopes by your hands, first print it on a paper, then cut corners and glue it.

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Scrolls- the most simple invitation
If you can use a photoshop, change the background color, write text and print picture – it is already something. You may also download a ready sample from the Internet, then you only have to fill in the information by your hand. Roll up these ready cheap wedding invites into tubes, fix with ribbon or cords (all depends on the subject of wedding), and send to your guests.

Invitation in a bottle for marine motifs
If the wedding will use a sea theme, you may send invitations to guests simply in the bottles. Again, remember not only about the theme of the event, but also the venue. This will immediately tune in the desired fashion, but the main intriguing of the celebration will be saved.

Invitation on the photos
Do some professional pictures with the help of good camera. You may make black and white photo in retro style or yellow, like the card was kept for decades. Print all this beauty. Make a normal folded in half card or one-sided card. These cards will be great cheap wedding invites. The advantage of this option is that you are able to send an invitation in ordinary envelopes, without fear that it will damage during transportion.

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11 Photos of the Cheap Wedding Invites – Great Ideas and Options

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