Wedding Anniversary Cakes According To Marriage’s Age

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Wedding anniversary cakes intend to make one’s wedding anniversary unforgettably surprising and wonderful! Depending on the couple’s taste and preferences, one can choose one from so many wedding anniversary cake designs! Starting with color and finishing with cake flavors you can customize all the important aspects that will be also essential for the celebrity couple.

  • White cakes: perhaps one of the best choices to celebrate a wedding anniversary is presenting a snow-white cake that has different decoration parts such as ribbons or stripes in the middle. Adding some sparkling white or silver decorations to these cakes, you can get marvelous 60th wedding anniversary cakes, the symbol of which is a diamond! Make it shine and sparkle as diamond, and your cake will look as a firm 60-year old marriage!
  • Black and white: black and white cakes have always been on trend due to the elegant and sophisticated look. They will be perfect for a wedding anniversary as well especially when having a bright colored flower on the top, which will make the modest look of the cake a little bit livelier!
  • Beige and brown: grown-ups love the brown color, as it is elegant, modest just the way their age is. Anyway, not to look dull, a wedding anniversary brown and beige cake can have some flowers, rounds or ribbons, which will mitigate the whole look of the cake.
  • Anniversary colors: when choosing a wedding anniversary cake, it is quite important to take into account the color and anniversary year association. 50th wedding anniversary cakes can be made in golden colors, as gold symbolizes 50th wedding anniversary, while silver is for the 25th wedding anniversary. If your parents are going to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, then the cake must be in white and dark red colors just as ruby stone is. Ruby wedding anniversary cakes look so wonderful in combination of those colors!
  • Lace: one of the most luxurious designs for wedding anniversary cakes is lace. Black lace design looks so wonderful especially on a white cake, while dark red roses on top of the cake will complete the perfect look of your cake!

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