Creative bridal shower gifts for future married life

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Creative bridal shower gifts 2015

Bridal shower is usually a party, where a bride is presented with many creative bridal shower gifts, which will be useful in her future married life. The tradition to bestow a bride goes back to the period when the bride had to own a dowry for getting married. And since not all parents could ensure their daughters with a dowry, they not always gave consent to the wedding. That is why bridesmaids brought gifts for her dowry and allow to marry. Around the end of the XIX century it was transformed into a bridal shower, where a bride was given with small charming gifts. Souvenirs were placed in a large parasol, which was disclosed over the bride’s head, showering her with rain of gifts.

In our time gifts for bridal shower are more formal and the party itself is another reason to have fun and to congratulate a friend, who is now a bride. Today a distinctive feature of this party is handing creative bridal shower gifts. They have to be given exactly for her, not for a couple! These gifts can be less expensive than the wedding ones. It could be household appliances and various certificates to beauty salons and shops, and lovely baubles for the house. A bride at this day should be presented with gifts that hint at her future married life. As a gift here can be beautiful lingerie, robes, bed linen or nice jewelry.

unique bridal shower gifts

unique bridal shower gifts

Often a bride makes a wish list in stores where there is a special computer, which registers the bride or expectant mothers. Such stores register into computer bride’s name, wedding date. She is given a scanning “gun” device. She goes around the store and scans the barcodes of the items she would like to receive as gifts. Usually she has to choose a different products for affordable prices. For example, not so expensive, if someone is hard to fork out for a big gift. A bride may ask her guests to buy one big expensive gift. It often happens that people with average incomes are thrown off for a great gift. Thus, all the desirable gifts are added in the list and guests may choose among them.

At the highlight of party a bride sits in a chair as the throne and begins to disclose gifts, she groans and exclaims, says about nice gifts and thanks for them. Typically, one of the bridesmaid writes who brought a certain gift. Because after the bridal shower a bride has to send Ā«thanking notesĀ». They should be made individually, written by hand for each participant of the party, in which the bride should describe what exactly she has liked about her creative bridal shower gifts.

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