Damask wedding invitations – classic and modern variations

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damask wedding invitations

The name of fashionable “damask” pattern is derived from the name of the same city – the capital of Syria. Only the locals know all the secrets of patterned fabric, which since ancient times was made to decorate the houses walls. The distinctive features of this style solutions are rich decorative patterns. The damask pattern has always been considered a symbol of luxury and elegance combined with exquisite restraint. Perhaps for this reason, this it has got such a popularity among damask wedding invitations.

Classic damask is the ornament with floral motifs, which characteristic feature is the repetition of vertical rows of the main pattern that creates a similarity with the moroccan style.

Modern damask is the combination of romantic pattern and contrasting colors. The symmetrical arrangement of vegetation pattern and curved flowing lines create a special rhythm in the invitations. The wedding design created in these style solutions empower the celebration with graceful beauty.

damask invitationsdamask invitations

As a rule, classic colors of the damask pattern are limited of two colors – white and black. The modern design of the ornament colors provides more vivid and varied palette. Instead of strict black and white, wedding cards can be arranged in contrasting vivid colors: black and green or yellow and black. No less colorful, black and purple look together. Tenderness and warmth may represent the damask style in brown and blue colors. In general, you may choose a variety of colors for design of damask wedding invitations. Damask pattern looks impressive in any color variations.

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damask invitationsdamask wedding invitations

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