Diy Wedding Invitation Ideas with Your Own Highlight

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Diy wedding invitation ideas should have its own characteristics, “highlight” and bright moments. There are a lot of original ideas for invitations, but each of them will require you some time, skills or appropriate experts, who could carry out such invitations for you to order.

One of the most beautiful and bright ideas are invitations with a photo of the young couple. If this card is done well, you can be sure that it will take a place not in the trash, but on the shelf of your guests. The material for invitations can be used from pictures of Love Story, you made the day before the wedding. And you can just take a few of your joint photos and create an interesting and romantic collage.

Diy Wedding Invitation Ideas

Invitation origami is another great idea for those who want to impress their guests with interesting diy wedding invitation ideas. Choose the shape of origami, which allows you to place text without turning the figure – so you give a guest a card and a cute custom souvenir. Origami can be folded independently by typing the text into an open space.

Wedding invitations from decorative cardboard can be done by hand, and can be ordered from professionals. Fancy cards with artificial flowers, lace inserts, using design paper are another fine elements of which are composed beautiful holidays. Each of these require a separate envelope and careful handling.homemade invitation ideas

It is interesting to look at invitation cards of unusual forms, for example, in the shape of a heart or a butterfly-shaped in the form of bright, colorful flower or a large wedding ring. These diy wedding invitation ideas are suitable for a wedding in any style, including classical celebration. But if you prefer stylized, themed holiday, you need to try and pick up a form of invitation theme wedding, respectively. An ancient scroll will be good for a celebration in the style of the Middle Ages, music record – for the dance wedding, “magical amulet” – for a wedding in the style of fantasy. Themed invitations underline unusual, creative nature of your wedding invitation cards

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