Embossed wedding invitations give a big impression

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embossed wedding invitations

The embossed printing leaves imprint on a paper that has no color, but has another important quality – it is volumetric, convex, has a special tangible, visible relief. Embossed wedding invitations usually give a big impression for the person who holds them in hands at the first time. They look chic and luxury.

embossed invitations

embossed invitations

Embossed printing has an unusual, or better to say, unconventional, tooling, that is another way of putting the imprint, and indeed the imprint itself turns out not quite familiar – it is colorless and relief. Modern manufacturing techniques allow for such type of printing to create complex drawings with fine details.

Wedding invitations made by the embossed printing allow to get in fact different relief effects, as with the using of paints and without them, as well as with the using of foil. The embossing with gold, silver or platinum foil can ce also used for printing of seedling registration cards for the wedding banquet. By means of the embossing there can be distinguished names of the newlyweds or the date of the wedding. This design will not leave indifferent no one of the guests and make the first striking impression on the guests about your wedding day.

Embossed wedding invitations are made mostly in the classical style, which is highly appreciated at any time and is quite popular among many couples. The classic style primarily involves simplicity and restraint. Such a style of invitations can be diluted by adding a bit of interesting elements, such as relief patterns.

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