Emerald Shaped Engagement Rings – The High Class

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Emerald Shaped Engagement Rings

Emerald shaped engagement rings are known for having the octagon shape because of the processing in the way where angles are truncated. Most often this kind of shape is used in the processing of transparent or colored minerals. The distinctive features are sharp facets and parallel edges. The facets of the stone look like stairs. Thanks to the step-cut, the inner color of the gem is revealed in full force. The main difference of emerald shape rings from other types of cut is that the emphasis is not on the sparkling shimmering of facets, but on the bright luster and color saturation of the mineral, creating with a special optical properties.

An emerald shape is often used for processing diamonds and other pgems. Products made with diamonds and treated emerald-cut, are more accessible for the consumer than decorations with other cut types. The thing is that the octagon is not as fashionable as, for example, the cut “Princess” and round shape. The classic emerald cut owns a rectangular shape, but now gems with a square emerald cut are becoming increasingly popular.

Emerald shaped engagement rings have not too high gloss, but still are very popular because of its sophistication. This step cut of rectangular shape with truncated corners, creates an octagonal contour and consists of 65 facets. An emerald cut is also characterized by the fact that all the defects of a stone are noticeable by the naked eye, so when purchasing such a jewelry you should carefully examine it for signs of flaws. Emeralds and beryl are the most suitable candidates for such a cut.

Diamonds, faceted by emerald-cut, are valued primarily for their purity, not for the playing of the light. Jewelers know that picking up a diamond for an emerald-cut, it is important to consider that its purity should not be less than VS 2 (6). Through such processing, the diamond may acquire the unique optical properties. So there will be a feeling that the center stone is a fire, because this cut is more vivid and has wide flashes of light.emerald shaped diamond engagement rings

In the jewelry stones, faceted such a way are always in a central part of the ring. For the manufacture of frames can be used traditional metals: gold, silver or platinum.

Emerald shaped engagement rings are the epitome of high class and sophistication. These stones are very advantageous in combination with smaller diamonds of the same shape, where a large stone is in the middle. Such diamonds emphasize long fingers and make short ones visually longer.

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