Best Engagement Rings 2015 for a Big Day of Proposal

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Best Engagement Rings 2015

The decision to get married is really wonderful moment in the life of the couple. Usually this event is accompanied by the giving a ring that the groom puts on the finger of his beloved. The classics are engagement rings with beautiful diamonds. Such a jewelry is often presented to the star brides by their famous suitors. The best engagement rings 2015 with this stone are discussed by glamor magazines, TV shows and articles on the internet.

Such rings are usually made from white, yellow or pink gold. The color of the metal is mostly chosen in such a way that maximum to shade a stone. Platinum or silver is also often used for the production of such rings. It is well to select a metal as for the preferences of the bride, because the jewelry should be combined with her other decorations.

In addition to a diamond, the best engagement rings 2015 can be also decorated with other stones – sapphires, emeralds or rubies. For example, Nicole Richie has got the sparkling pink sapphire and Jessica Simpson has received an engagement jewelry with a blood-red ruby. It is also possible, if the ring is decorated with inserts of different stones, as Kate Middleton has a huge sapphire surrounded by tiny diamonds. A ring, which is given for a proposal, in most cases, has inserts. The engagement jewelry with diamonds or other stones is different from the wedding, because the second one can be completely smooth, consisting only a metal.

Previously it used to be thought that the ring have to be decorated with one stone and desirable a large one. Now jewelers offer a lot of interesting models, where the ring contains several inserts. For example, it may be a scattering of small diamonds. Among the original models of the best engagement rings 2015 there are forms of a heart, intertwined hands or kissing pigeons. Romantic images as well as possible are great for the theme of the moment. Just remember that too catchy rings require appropriate entourage and not all of them can become everyday accessories.

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