Fairytale wedding invitations

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fairytale wedding invitations

When fairytale wedding scenario acquires new details and the main line is already clearly rayed, it is time to think about such trifles as the invitations. Guests will understand where you invite them not only from the text. The original invitation could be left by everyone with pleasure as a souvenir. Invite guests in a special way at your fairytale – use different forms of cards, paper, fonts. Choose fairytale wedding invitations, which will overlap with the story of the wedding.

Themed invitations gently hint guests that a holiday will be unusual. For “Alice in Wonderland” wedding issue invitations in the form of playing cards, you can also make miniature scrolls with white rabbit. It could be a great idea to design cards in the form of multi-colored tea bags. After all, a tea party with the Mad Hatter is the story of “Alice in Wonderland”.

Now many people are interested in the fantasy genre. They read books, watch movies, where the main characters are elves, nymphs, gnomes, goblins, wizards. Using these themes, make invitations with floral designs, elven runes. There can be represented the traditional genre of fantasy characters – dragons, gnomes, trolls and others. Use the yellowed scroll, aged paper and sign it with ancient letters. Tie all this with a thick string or twine, then stamp the invitation.

Fairytale invitations

Fairytale invitations

Planning a wedding in the style of 1000 and one night, tales of Aladdin or Shamahanskaya queen? So, think about making your fairytale wedding invitations in oriental style with gilding, various vignettes, Arabic characters.

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Fairytale invitationsfairytale wedding invitations

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