Floral Wedding Invitations Create a Sense of Comfort

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floral wedding invitations

Spring is the period of flowering and green. So, it is not surprising that in Europe couples are planning to decorate their wedding invitations with flowers. Floral print never ceases to go out of fashion. This pattern looks great on floral wedding invitations and on the inner parts of envelopes, packages, menu.

Flower theme has always been the most popular in the design of wedding printing. A huge number of print options makes floral invitation design really versatile – they perfectly fit for any style of the wedding celebration and become a very stylish and beautiful element of the decor. It is the universal style, but the techniques can be different: subtle watercolor sprouts or thick lush bouquets – choose youself!

Floral wedding invitations look easy and romantic. This is a classic, that has not lost its relevance. With the help of laser cutting, there can be created incredibly airy designs that are sure to delight everyone who took this beauty in hands.

For wedding invitations, you can pick up designer paper, where may be used flower petals and skeletonized leaves. However, the printing invitation cards on this paper will be expensive, so if your have a tight budget, so find a more cheap option paper and use floral motifs only on the layout of the invitation.

Where is it possible to make such floral wedding invitations? Cards from paper and even wood can be done by laser cutting. The main advantages of this technology is that you can make almost any complexity pattern, as well as it is a significantly lower cost compared to notching invitations that require expensive manufacturing cutting.

floral invitations

floral invitations

This year floral details were flashed on all the wedding catwalks, so why not to use them in your wedding invitations? Simple rosette creates a sense of comfort. Another option of the floral theme is a collection of “rural rose”, that may have voluminous details, but this variant is made in more vivid color palette. The main color cards of such type of cards is brown-kraft. These invites are ideal if you are planning the pink or purple wedding theme.

The watercolor printing is in fashion this year! This type of printing allows to show individuality, it is very gentle, unobtrusive and easy. It also allows to “carousing” in the event organization – you may use simple patterns, divorce, flowers. For example, in floral wedding invitations, you may draw a little sketch of the floral ceremony, which will add them even more originality. However, pay attention to the paper. It should be sufficiently textured, no glossy shine! Watercolor printing is appropriate in almost any style of decoration, which also makes it very popular!

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floral invitationsfloral wedding invitations

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