Foil Wedding Invitations – Luxurious Look of the Cards

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foil wedding invitations

Foil wedding invitations are usually made in two ways: foiling and foil stamping.

Foiling is the card printing method based on the using of foil as an external component of the text or images. This technology gives the invitation a beautiful metallic sheen. Foiling is proceeding as follows: an invitation is printed on a laser printer, then it is applied with a special foil, which is reactive with dye. In the result here is a thin foil. An invitation made by this method is very beautiful, but not every brand of paper is suitable for foiling, which consequently increases the cost of the final product, so the printing of cards with the help of this technology is very limited. One of the main advantages of foiling is that it is done quickly and has the relatively not too high cost, regardless of the volume and circulation.

Foil stamping is another method, which is based on the using of cliches when applying foil. This stamping is occurring under the exposed high increased temperature, so the cliches is made from a metal. Gold or silver foil stamping gives the individual elements of the product a finished look. To transfer a particularly festive and luxurious mood, couples choose the method of foil stamping, such as gold or silver. Such foil wedding invitations look really expensive, because the foil gives a metallic effect. The foil stamping makes a special metal plate under the text, so this method is ideal for the transmission of even the most subtle elements and is suitable for absolutely all types of paper and cardboard.

Foil invitations

Foil invitations

foil wedding invitations luxurious look of the cards Video

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Foil invitationsfoil wedding invitations

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