Gothic wedding invitations

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gothic wedding invitations

One of the unique and interesting wedding themes that couples prefer – gothic wedding. Gothic talks about the dark secrets and, therefore, these elements should be reflected in your wedding. Deeply fantasizing about the gothic theme in the planning process of a wedding, try not to forget about the gothic wedding invitations. They surely will give your guests to know what to wait from the wedding.

For the background in such invites it is gteat to use red, purple, orange, black, gray and blue shades. Despite the fact that the red and black colors are common choices, some couples prefer to make experiments with shades, like gray and pink. In the background, you may add a variety of elements. For example, dark red glasses on a black and white background. Many people use the image of black color or a completely black background to highlight a few red roses or a white bouquet in the form of heart.

Gothic text should not seem happy and reflect elation, enthusiasm. The text of the gothic wedding invitations may be clearly written that the parents of the couple (you can even specify the names) invite (write the guest’s name) at the event of their children, then the time and venue. Pick for this general formulation the additional distinctive phrase. Use in the invitations interesting phrases, like “Till death do them part”. It precisely will turn the guests at the gothic mood. For the signing the text in the prompt use the calligraphic font. It is the perfect complement to the gothic style event.

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gothic wedding invitations

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