Haute Couture Wedding Dresses – True Art

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Haute Couture Wedding Dresses

Haute Couture is a high fashion, which is created manually by honored masters and representatives of the world’s fashion houses. In contrast to the finished dresses that can be purchased in usual boutiques, haute couture wedding dresses are the epitome of the true art. All models of the gowns are made by reservation only. Accordingly, the cost of such a wedding dress will be huge!

Many people think that those who are creating collections of wedding dresses, subject only to their own desires and fantasies. In fact, there are rules of the models prescribed by the Paris Haute Couture Syndicate, which have to be observed!

According to the instructions, dresses for brides should be more than 70% executed manually. In addition, for their sewing can be used only special fabrics that during 150 hours are cut, folded and stapled so that in the end a real masterpiece is turned out. Not surprisingly, the wedding dresses of haute couture may cost more than 100 000$!

All fabrics for haute couture wedding dresses are noble and luxurious – silk, taffeta, organza, or even textiles, but with stunning physical properties and beauty. These fabrics are designed not just for dressing up a bride, but also to emphasize the dignity of her figure!

Also the hallmark of a haute couture dress is its design. There can be used a classic style, futuristic motifs and architectural forms, original combinations and layering. The effect, which produces this dresses, is unforgettable!haute couture bridesmaid dresses

Another feature of the “haute couture” is meticulous trimming. There is an increased attention to detail (beads, stones, crystals in large numbers), which are sewn by hand. You may see the using in the decoration of the finest lace, feathers, perfection in all these high fashion outfits, despite the fact that all of these require many hours of hard labor.

It should be noted that the dress made with the sketches of a couture is as comfortable as possible, because for the creation a designer not only takes into account the wishes of the bride, but also the parameters, especially her shapes. This, perhaps, shows the meaning of haute couture wedding dresses – everything have to be done as for the wishes of the girl!

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