Hindu Personal Wedding Invitations

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Hindu personlal wedding invitations designs

For advance warning your guests about the style of the celebration, you have to start with hindu personal wedding invitations, which in fact, will become the visiting cards of the wedding for each of the guest.

One of the most attractive countries for many of us is India. We all admire the beautiful dancing, charming dresses and fine cuisine of this wonderful country. We all have seen Indian films. Despite the fact that many of them make us smiling, we can agree – the culture of this mysterious and distant land is mesmerizing.

Therefore, nowadays some couples, admiring of this country, prefer to organize their wedding in the Indian style. Young couples are increasingly trying to hold the wedding in original and unusual patterns and avoid standard solutions. And what could be more vivid and memorable than the Indian wedding!

Using your imagination, you may think lots of options and choose invitations based on your own taste, time, wallet. The most simple is the invitation card with a collage or ornament in the hindu style, which can be made by yourself or you may order it. And if you decorate these invites with bright drapery, attach a small bright jewelry, impregnate it with the spices, so the expectancy of the event will not leave your guests.

You are able to make traditional hindu personal wedding invitations, and the only reminder of the national features of these cards will the design. A thick, satin paper, floral designs in gold, red, saturated green and dark blue are all great for hindu invites. Use a lot of gold – more gold is much better.

hindu personlal wedding invitations templateshindu personlal wedding invitations templates

Hindu style can not be confused with other styles. You can see the colors of this eastern country, traditions and customs of its people, their mystery and passion. This is certainly bright saturated colors and incredible beauty of the painting.

Before preparing the wedding invitations, you need to determine not only the theme, but the key moments of the wedding. If you want the look of your guests fit the theme of the celebration, put in an envelope of an invitation an additional card (for example, in the form of Indian sarees, indians, elephants) and write on one side the wishes of describing their outfits.

It is a good tradition in India to send invitations on silk scrolls in special box for particularly honored guests. Invites can be embedded in thick envelopes or decorative boxes. Hindu personal wedding invitations placed in bags of bright fabric, resembling the pouch, allow to feel the aura of the festival even before the beginning. Of course, the invitations should make it clear for visitors that they can expect not just a wedding ceremony, but a real fairy tale.

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