Wedding Trends 2015 – Some of the Most Interesting

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Old trends are gradually fading and are replaced by new wedding trends 2015. Here are some of the most interesting!

  1. Color
    Pastel shades are replacing the bright ones. This does not mean that all the wedding will be pale and dim: after all you may combine these wonderful shades with bright accents. The Ombre technique is also very fashionable, it gives a very wide scope for creativity.
  2. Theme
    The main trend of the season is a russian style and not only in Russia. It is also relevant the boho style: gypsy or oriental motifs, lace and flowing fabrics, bright decor, loose hair, the spirit of liberty, relaxing, without cliches and conventions! Among the wedding trends 2015 there are also rustic and eco-theme, which have been already at its peak for several seasons, due to its harmony and beauty.
  3. Banquet
    Long common tables for guests are coming into fashion instead of traditional European seating. This may be one table or several parallel tables. Also sweet table is replaced with cheese one with a variety of cheeses. It will be wonderfully complemented with the fruit, biscuits, freshly baked bread, nuts, honey. Do not forget the aperitif: wine or champagne.
  4. Bridal bouquet
    Disheveled bouquets, volume and elegant, reminding the lush garden, are in fashion. Although if you have absolutely classic wedding, the bouquet, after all, must also have a share of classics, do not make it too loose.
  5. Photo
    Simple mental pictures that show emotions and feelings are in the trend. When processing of a photo it is better to reduce the contrast, giving softness to a shot. In is fashionable the movement, dynamics, life in photos.
  6. Video
    It is very fashionable to do unusual Love story in a particular style, for example, the couple play a role in the blockbuster themselves. Also, the effect of slow motion will be very impressive for the video.

These are some of the wedding trends 2015 that are waiting for us this year. Choose what you would like more and even if you prefer to do something “unfashionable” – do not worry, the main thing is that you like it.

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