Laser Cut Wedding Invitations – Give your guests a divine beauty

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Laser cut wedding invitation cards

Wedding invitations made by laser cutting look gentle and romantic. Graceful lace or floral patterns delight and fascinate. Give your guests a bit of divine beauty with the help of laser cut wedding invitations.

Cardboard laser cutting is a modern way of paper and cardboard materials processing. Laser cutting allows to create individual, unique fonts and patterns. The laser processing is based on a beam that is directed through special mirrors on the lens. Already adjusted to the degree of precision beam falls on the processed material, leaving behind drawings of great beauty and precision. Due to the quality of the laser cut, drawing contour remains clear, so if a customer wishes, laser scientists can create a real work of art!

Laser lace is a good compromise if you want to add a delicate lace, but you do not want your invitations to look too corny or even resemble napkins. There are some great ideas of using laser cutting in wedding invitations.


Laser cut wedding invitations may look like a black picture frame with elegant carved corners for inserting photos. Indeed, part of the written text of the invitation is removed. Use here the classic combination of black and white, as well as stylization the cursive that may emphasize refinement work. This invitation card is perfect for a traditional and elegant wedding.


Floral motifs are often played up in the wedding invitations. But it is possible to move the laser lace motifs on paper of exquisite embroidery. Through a combination of close to warm milky white and beige the invitation can be turned calm and gentle. Such a wedding will be without noise and bustle, invited guests have to wait for a nice time in the circle of people dear to the heart.


Laser cut wedding invitations may be decorated with carvings hidden in an envelope that after the wedding is sure to become a repository for pleasant items or special messages.

Photo Frame

This is another way to make from an invitation card a real photo frame. Photo from the wedding, framed by a elaborately carved will give any interior the refinement and romanticism.


Square carved napkin can be easily turned into a delicate envelope decorated with butterflies. But it is too gentle, that is not able to become an independent repository for invitation cards. It necessarily needs another, more dense envelope. But this only increases the intrigue.


Laser cut wedding invitations, which are designed to resemble the buttoned corset, are becoming increasingly popular. Carved “doors” of such cards, more like the battom of an amazing jacket. Whatever it is, black, lace and rhinestones raise the degree of mystery to the highest point.

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Laser cut wedding invitation cards

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