Letterpress wedding invitations – realize own dreams and ideas

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Simple letterpress wedding invitations

Letterpress or also called the technology of high printing, became known to the world more than 1000 years ago, but even nowadays it is still among the precious and exclusive printing methods. Many connoisseurs of letterpress technology call it the aristocratic printing. Customers of letterpress wedding invitations are aesthetes, respecting the author’s work, where the client on a par with the graphic designer has the opportunity to realize own dreams and ideas.

Despite the fact that now the high printing industry is almost never used, it is experiencing a “second birth” as the exclusive technology for the manufacture of various VIP printing. Letterpress wedding invitations may be made by special order. Looking at the letterpress printing features, you understand that each print is obtained individual and unique.

Letterpress printing is carried out by rising (not cut) printing elements above the surface of the printing space. So, the print elements are located above the gaps. For the high printing are used viscous and pasty paints. The paint is applied to the protruding portion of the printing space – the printing element, then the form (cliche) is pressed to the paper and get ready to print. Thus the imprint is obtained entirely unique, it looks relief. The paint is pressed into the paper, this creates a unique volume and texture. Such an imprint is very pleasant to hold, to feel its volume and relief. For letterpress printing (or its qualitative simulation), it is important to pick up the right paper. This paper should be dense and still very friable – that letters need space where to fall.

Letterpress wedding invitations have a certain relief and texture – it depends on the material from which they are produced. The embossed invitations look particularly elegant and stylish. Such invites have not gone out of fashion already several seasons and for a good reason.

During the printing relief emerges on the reverse side, so here the two-sided printing is possible by printing each side separately. Additionally, between two sheets of high color printing, you can paste a piece of paper. This will give the effect of the painted facet, which looks very stylish.

The possibility of high printing is very large, it can help to make a huge number of unique “live” printed materials. The wedding printing is an important moment in the organization of this exciting celebration in the life of newlyweds. Custom made letterpress wedding invitations with own author’s design will set the tone, mood and level of the wedding.

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Simple letterpress wedding invitations

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