Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands: Durable, Powerful And Valuable

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For many centuries, plain gold rings have been if not the only, then the mostly chosen option as a male’s wedding band. Even though today such a wedding band is still highly appreciated and honored, yet there are numerous other options. When it comes to choosing one’s band for getting married, a man has such a vast range in front of him to choose from! Yellow and white gold, platinum, titanium, silver can serve as the band material, while diamonds or other gemstones can decorate and add special beauty to the ring. Anyway, among all these metals, men’s platinum wedding bands are considered the most durable and quality ones. Particularly the strength of this metal makes it so popular and desired today regardless of its price, which is not so low! Platinum is the most expensive metal nowadays. Yet, even this does not stop customers from all around the world choose particularly platinum rings for tightening their lives with their beloveds. The great durability, the delicate power this metal has makes it so much famous in the market. Platinum bands mostly come is brushed finishes. And even though this finish only makes the band look more handsome, it degrades the durability of the metal. Such bands become prone to scratches. Hence, it becomes improper for those men, who work with their hands. In all cases, platinum remains the most durable metal for creating bands, even with brushed finishes.
Men’s platinum wedding bands can have any design and any style you wish! From traditional to contemporary, various styles look simply wonderful on this metal. The jeweler can add a diamond or other gemstone being sure the combination of the stone and platinum will look marvelous! This metal will never lose its powerful and virile appearance inspiring strength and prowess to its bearer. Nevertheless, there are certain models that have become classical models of a good platinum ring.
One of the above mentioned marvelous ring models is Men’s Platinum Ring form Jared. This model is sleek and simple yet imposing and attractive. Featuring six-millimeter width, it comes highly polished. The price for this beautiful band is set about $1500.
The next gorgeous ring within all men’s platinum wedding bands is Men’s Mobius Band. Costing a good $3000, this wonderful six-millimeter-wide model with square sides comes twisted in the middle. You will surely like the delicate combination of traditional and contemporary styles in this ring.
Another platinum band, which is again not so affordable (it costs $2500), is Milgrain Platinum Wedding Band from Tiffany and Co. This model comes with square sides and two milgrain edges.

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