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Each season all the brides with bated breath are waiting for the new collection of wedding gowns. It helps them to find not only the dress of their dream, but also new ideas and inspiration for the wedding. The collections of new wedding dresses 2015 were released in the same styles by all the designers.

Last years dresses with corsets and sleeveless outfits were dominated, but brides should be prepared to clothe their hands in lace in 2015! Wedding dresses with sleeves are so serious trend in 2015, that they are able to become a true hero of the wedding gowns. Preferably, the length of sleeves have to be to the wrist or, in extreme cases, below the elbow. There are many options: they can be made from the same fabric as the bodice or other tissues. In this case, the lace is perfect in all its variations, especially the most subtle and chic.

Another important trend is a crew neck. The tissue of this detail is also important for giving a flavor, playing with light and transparency. Wonderful sleeves that gently are streaming hands, also bring a romantic touch to the bride’s attire look.

Dresses transformers are just gaining popularity among new wedding dresses 2015. A detachable trail or upper skirt allow the bride to show two outfits made in one dress.

A crop top, which was a real boom last year, now still is not going away. A wide and long skirt in combination with a short bodice that features a few centimeters of the abdomen is an option for the brave brides who want even at their own wedding to be at the top of the fashion.

A growing trend are short dresses. This allows brides to choose a dress in a modern style without sacrificing a tradition. In addition, it is the most sought-after modest dress for civil ceremonies. Even short dresses are not waived with lace that adorns the bodice.

And, of course, we do not need to forget that the vintage is at the peak of popularity among new wedding dresses 2015. Many designers at their fashion shows have used the classic Spaniard – a long veil that looked very impressive.

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