Wedding Reception Trends 2015 for the Unique Celebration

One of the main wedding reception trends 2015 is a rustic style which helps to create a cozy, almost homely atmosphere at the celebration. A country style involves wooden tables and chairs, candles and natural materials in the decor. Styles such as eco and boho again occupy leading positions. Lots of attention in the design of the wedding should be given to the nature, using simple details in the decor […]

Pocket wedding invitations 2015

Pocket wedding invitations are the ideal ones for you

People usually treat such event as marriage very seriously and try to notice all the details and be very responsible while organizing it. An important element of the wedding is making list of the guests and sending invitations. Pocket wedding invitations are small and compact models of ordinary invitation. This type will be ideal for the celebrating of some thematic weddings, which demand special details and where everything must be […]

french lace wedding dress

French Wedding Dresses: Charm and Elegance

In this fashion season french wedding dresses will be really popular among brides. The french satin, chiffon, chantilly lace will form the basis for the creation of unique and chic masterpieces. The wedding dress in a french style itself will be lush or straight, with lace sleeves of varying lengths. Some models will gain chic trails and pockets, which are the feature of the 2015 fashion season. Wedding dresses in […]

Cheap Wedding Invites

Cheap Wedding Invites – Great Ideas and Options

Cheap wedding invites should be better made by your own hands. Of course, you may buy the usual cards in the special stores or order online. But such an invitation has no soul – something special that will make your guests to plunge into the magic atmosphere of celebration. Preparing for a wedding is quite troublesome and expensive. We have to spend the family savings. It is not so difficult […]

Wedding Trends 2015 – Some of the Most Interesting

Old trends are gradually fading and are replaced by new wedding trends 2015. Here are some of the most interesting! Color Pastel shades are replacing the bright ones. This does not mean that all the wedding will be pale and dim: after all you may combine these wonderful shades with bright accents. The Ombre technique is also very fashionable, it gives a very wide scope for creativity. Theme The main […]

Unique Strapless Wedding Dresses Ball Gown with Diamonds Photo

Strapless Wedding Dresses Enhance Sexuality and Sensuality of a Bride

Strapless wedding dresses make a bride look dreamlike sexy and appealing. Opening shoulders and the upper part of her breasts, a bride proves her extreme sexuality and braveness. Not all women can afford to wear his kind of dresses, as they emphasize body advantages and dis-advantages. To wear them the bride should have toned arms, as they show off more skin than other ones. That is why strapless wedding gowns […]

Couples wedding shower invitations 2015

Couples wedding shower invitations to make your holiday unforgettable

The couples wedding shower invitations are the most essential elements of your celebration, for which the couple often pay unfairly too little attention. Think about it, because the prompt will be the first and main application about your decision to link your hearts permanently. And this news should be “decorated” in a worthy manner. The wedding invitation is not a separately existing item, but a significant part of the complete […]

flower girl and ring bearer gifts

Flower Girl Gifts must Make Little Ladies Happy

Flower girl gifts are an part of any wedding. Weddings are magical for any flower girl, as these little ladies carry great responsibility to décor the aisle and make all guests smile! Equally wonderful must also be wedding gifts for flower girls. These gifts must not only be affordable, as a wedding is usually so cost effective, but they must also appeal to a young lady’s bright imagination. The gifts […]

snowflake invitations

Snowflake wedding invitations

Winter wedding is a special occasion for picking up the original invitations for a celebration. There can be very interesting options! Snowflakes – essential attributes of winter. They look fabulous and are magical. Snowflake wedding invitations look simple, and at the same time, really attractive. Snowflakes in the wedding cards – a safe choice for a winter wedding. These beautiful, delicate, fragile symbols of winter are a great decoration for […]

Western bridal shower invitations

Western Wedding Invitations Transfer The Enchanting Breath

Choosing style and design for one’s wedding invitations is quite a responsible and important task. Particularly the invitation must imply the guests about the theme chosen for the wedding ceremony as well as receiption. With this hint, the guests will know what to wear and what to expect from the wedding they are going to attend. Accordingly, if you have chosen the western theme for your wedding, western wedding invitations […]