Save the date cards

Save the date wedding cards

Save the date wedding cards usually indicate just the names of the couple and the date of the upcoming wedding. They are sent to all guests, even those with whom you did not yet determined exactly. Save the date cards have to be to send in 6-10 months before the celebration. In such a way guests will know about the planned event and their plans will be based on it. […]

Black Wedding Invitations

Black Wedding Invitations: Designed To Admire And Amaze!

Do you consider yourself unique and highly individual? Do you wish your wedding celebration to be different in the crowd and distinguish as a most outstanding wedding your guests were ever present in? Then you are to greatly puzzle over every detail and every nuance to create an amazing and complete celebration. Like the wedding gown, cake and all decorations wedding invitations are essential parts of any wedding. To create […]

women diamond wedding bands

Diamond Wedding Bands for Women are Sophisticated and Luxurious

Diamond wedding bands for women are an exceptional way to make any bride sparkle with happiness when marrying. These magnificent precious stones inhale majesty and power in them making all other gemstones dull at their view. Their brilliant look will make any ring unique and exquisite. So if you have chosen diamond as the gemstone for your bride’s wedding band, then you can be sure she will be admired greatly […]

Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands: Durable, Powerful And Valuable

For many centuries, plain gold rings have been if not the only, then the mostly chosen option as a male’s wedding band. Even though today such a wedding band is still highly appreciated and honored, yet there are numerous other options. When it comes to choosing one’s band for getting married, a man has such a vast range in front of him to choose from! Yellow and white gold, platinum, […]

embossed wedding invitations

Embossed wedding invitations give a big impression

The embossed printing leaves imprint on a paper that has no color, but has another important quality – it is volumetric, convex, has a special tangible, visible relief. Embossed wedding invitations usually give a big impression for the person who holds them in hands at the first time. They look chic and luxury. Embossed printing has an unusual, or better to say, unconventional, tooling, that is another way of putting […]

non traditional bridesmaids dresses

Non Traditional Wedding Dresses – Oiginal and Extravagant Way

Most often, the bride wears a traditional white wedding outfit. But sometimes girls prefer something unusual and extravagant. It turns out that more modern brides break the established tradition and go to the altar in dresses, causing some admiration and even bewilderment. But in spite of such an ambiguous perception of these non traditional wedding dresses – they can easily be the height of perfection. 1. The unusual color.Today, not […]

most popular wedding rings

Popular Engagement Rings 2015 from Tiffany

Of course the most popular engagement rings 2015 are made by the Tiffany brand. The “Tiffany” word has become the synonymous of the impeccable taste, charming and refined elegance. Tiffany’s possession is the rich diamond mine in South America. The company has introduced colored diamonds in fashion, using skillful cut and showing its unmatched beauty. Thanks to Tiffany today stones are evaluated not only by size, but the quality of […]

New Wedding Dresses 2015 – Unusual Images

Each season all the brides with bated breath are waiting for the new collection of wedding gowns. It helps them to find not only the dress of their dream, but also new ideas and inspiration for the wedding. The collections of new wedding dresses 2015 were released in the same styles by all the designers. Last years dresses with corsets and sleeveless outfits were dominated, but brides should be prepared […]

Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

Informal Wedding Invitation Wording Inhales Sincerity And Affection

Millions of brides spend millions of sleepless hours searching for perfect wedding perfect attributes! These can be as major things like wedding gowns, so little ones like table centerpieces. Meanwhile a wedding invitation is not a trifle or an insignificant wedding attribute as particularly the wedding invite determines the first impression of your guests concerning your wedding day. Just the very style and design of your wedding invite hint about […]

modern wedding invitation wording

Modern Wedding Invitation Wording For Unique And Amazing Invitation Manner

Every wedding is to be celebrated according to a certain theme. Particularly the theme chosen determines as the outfit of guests and the hosts, so the entire decoration of the wedding celebration place. This includes the receiption with the wedding cake and all other kinds of treatment, place decorations, table centerpieces and invitations. Particularly the latter informs the guests about what the wedding will look like. Today’s marrying couples love […]