sample wedding website

Wedding Website Examples: Create Your Own Memory

Wedding! What could be more beautiful than the most light, filled with joyful smiles day. Spouses sometimes mentally want to go back and re-live it and they envy those who still are waiting for this day to come. To save the entire range of feelings, to carry them through the year and leave as bright will help the colorful and creative wedding website examples. In such examples you will always […]

Antique ruby and diamond rings

Gold Ruby Diamond Wedding Rings – Gorgeous and Sparkling

Do not forget that a ruby itself can be not only clear and rich red. It is widely used as matte, pale pink ruby in jewelry. The “stellate” varieties of ruby are also not rare. You may find some combinations of stones, which can profitably look with to this beautiful red mineral. For example, gold ruby diamond wedding rings are nice options that look exquisitely, rich and not provocatively. This […]

Wedding Invitation Paper

Wedding Invitation Paper Determines The Effective Look Of Invitation

Wedding day is one of the most important ones in everyone’s life. It remains in one’s memory forever every time bringing back the same tender and exciting feelings you felt right on that very day. That is why it is important to pay great attention to every detail when organizing the celebration. Wedding invitations are the first element that set the beginning of every wedding. Accordingly they must be well […]

diy wedding shower invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations Templates for Your Unique Wedding Ceremony

DIY wedding invitations templates provided by many websites nowadays are a great hint how to start organizing your own wedding ceremony. There will be certainly no wedding party without guests! So, first let your guests know about the place and time of the wedding ceremony and reception. You can apply for professional designers or order ready-made invitation cards, but will it be unique and interesting? I don’t think so! Won’t […]

White with red wedding dress

Purple and White Wedding Dresses – Some Advices in Choosing

Purple and white wedding dresses are quite an unusual choice for brides. Purple is the color of seduction and desire. It is noble, inspiring femininity and tenderness. It makes it really great color for the important day in your life. If you chose purple, look for an outfit in not too strict style, you need the ease and comfort. Experts recommend to dilute purple with white. Just some years ago […]

starfish wedding invitations

Starfish wedding invitations

When we hear about the marine wedding, we remmember the blue sea, sand, as the design of blue, deep blue, turquoise, the presence of “striped” prints cords. But one of the most important attribute is also a starfish. This wedding style is always performed with the use of a starfish. Starfish wedding invitations are not the exception. The most interesting is that a starfish can be used everywhere without any […]

Simple letterpress wedding invitations

Letterpress wedding invitations – realize own dreams and ideas

Letterpress or also called the technology of high printing, became known to the world more than 1000 years ago, but even nowadays it is still among the precious and exclusive printing methods. Many connoisseurs of letterpress technology call it the aristocratic printing. Customers of letterpress wedding invitations are aesthetes, respecting the author’s work, where the client on a par with the graphic designer has the opportunity to realize own dreams […]

long sleeved bridesmaid dresses

Long Sleeved Wedding Dresses – Closed, but Aristocratic

Probably there are not two alike perfect wedding dress, after all, the same there are not two identical brides. Every girl who is going to get married, has her own, very special way of wedding attire. For some women it is extremely magnificent maxi gown and others like options above the knee and light, flowing fabrics. Hence all brides may find so many varieties of outfits and styles. Today, many […]

wedding shower invites

Bridal Shower Invites Must Hint about the Shower Theme

Bridal shower invites lead to the very first step toward the creation of a happy marriage. A stylish bridal party attended by the bride’s friends and family, is undoubtedly an important step in every bride’s life. Every bride-to-be dreams as much about a wedding ceremony as about a bridal shower. During this party she gets the opportunity to gather with all her friends and relatives the last time before becoming […]

floral wedding invitations

Floral Wedding Invitations Create a Sense of Comfort

Spring is the period of flowering and green. So, it is not surprising that in Europe couples are planning to decorate their wedding invitations with flowers. Floral print never ceases to go out of fashion. This pattern looks great on floral wedding invitations and on the inner parts of envelopes, packages, menu. Flower theme has always been the most popular in the design of wedding printing. A huge number of […]