Beach Bridesmaid Dresses

Beach Bridesmaid Dresses: Lightness, Comfort and Femininity

Today a wedding on the beach to the sound of the surf is a very popular. Therefore a bridesmaid also should to pick up an outfit that will fit not only a celebration, but also the place of the event. The main thing when choosing beach bridesmaid dresses is picking up the outfit that is harmonious to the continuation of the wedding gown. A bridesmaid dress in any case should […]

simple silk wedding dress

Silk Wedding Dresses – Impressive and Chic Image

Silk wedding dresses are always beautiful, elegant and very sophisticated. Silk is for real ladies. This is not fluffy dress, but refinement and luxury in every detail! The choice of fabric depends on how a wedding dress will fit and how harmoniously will be combined with wedding accessories. Most often, designers opt for silk, chiffon, taffeta, organza and satin. The advantage of these types of fabrics is that they effectively […]

Wedding Flowers 2015

Wedding Flowers 2015 for Using in the Decor

Wedding flowers 2015, as well as any branch of the wedding business, is constantly in the development and makes its own rules. Professionals of floristry have already labeled them. The trend flowers this year are dahlias and asters, buttercups, anemones, calla lilies, artichokes and chrysanthemums of different colors and shades. In addition, roses that looks like peony and delicate hydrangea are still at the peak of popularity. If you prefer […]

silver sparkly bridesmaid dresses

Sparkly Wedding Dresses – Shine Like a Star

Every wedding outfit itself has a festive look, but the bride prefers on this special day to be really wonderful, sophisticated, brilliant. Nowadays it is possible, because the future wife can find in bridal salons sparkly wedding dresses. They are incredibly elegant, but have not become a trend yet. Therefore, many brides just do not know what to expect from them. What are the sparkly dresses? Sparkly wedding dresses can […]

summer wedding cake trends

Wedding Cake Trends 2015 – Inspiring Ideas

Wedding fashion is changing and the approach for desserts and cakes becomes different too. What will be the actual wedding cake trends 2015? The compact size. The popularity of a huge cake with tons of cream, which was impressive only for its size, has past away. Small cakes artfully decorated are real wedding trends. These cakes have to consist of several small tiers with of few diameters. Tiers may be […]

Wedding Registry Checklist

Wedding Registry Checklist – a Modern Solution of the Gift Choice

Wedding is a joyous event, but extremely troublesome. Moreover, not only the main participants of the ceremony usually worry about it, but also invited guests, because they have the question about a gift. A couple always wishes that it will be the original and useful. Today, there is a modern solution to the problem of the wedding gifts choice – a wedding registry checklist. A list of gifts is a […]

Foil invitations

Foil Wedding Invitations – Luxurious Look of the Cards

Foil wedding invitations are usually made in two ways: foiling and foil stamping. Foiling is the card printing method based on the using of foil as an external component of the text or images. This technology gives the invitation a beautiful metallic sheen. Foiling is proceeding as follows: an invitation is printed on a laser printer, then it is applied with a special foil, which is reactive with dye. In […]

short wedding dresses for older brides

Wedding Dresses for Older Brides – the Restrained Beauty

Wedding is an outstanding event not only for the young females, but also for mature ladies. Regardless of age all brides want to be enchanting. If a forty years woman is getting married at first time, so the preference have to be given to lighter outfits: cream, milk, light beige. However, designers advise all brides white as a symbol of the connection between two beginnings. Such wedding dresses for older […]

plus size wedding dresses with color

Color Wedding Dresses – Your Personality and Originality

Recently in wedding fashion world there is a distinct tendency to use color wedding dresses. Almost every wedding designer can offer wedding outfits of different colors. A wedding gown, without a doubt, is the “central point” of the whole party. And always it used to be a reflection of the social and material status of the bride. There is a wide misconception that traditionally the color of wedding dresses has […]

camo wedding ring sets with real diamonds

Pink Camo Wedding Rings

Stylish pink camo wedding rings – Save your love forever! Wedding is the most touching, memorable and important ceremony in the lives of people who deeply love each other. Beautiful flowers, instrumental music and sparkles of champagne make wedding day so special and full of happiness. But how to save this feeling for years? How to keep the symbol of new life and make it the priceless legacy of your […]