black white wedding cakes

Black And White Wedding Cakes

Formal wedding with white and black color themes, imply the usage of all decoration items particularly in these colors. Starting with wedding invitations and ending with wedding cakes, black and white colors must be predominating. Depending on the level of the wedding’s formality as well as theme chosen, you can select a proper cake. In all cases, all black and white wedding cakes are simply splendid! Anyway, you can meet […]

backless lace wedding gowns

Affordable Backless Wedding Dresses

Clothes with naked back started to be used for marriage celebrations at the beginning of the last century. However, at that time it concerned to evening models. Only a daring girl could afford to show her open back. Famous singers and bohemians were wearing such clothing options. Today, fashion is back and many females can afford to dress themselves with affordable backless wedding dresses. By choosing a wedding dress with […]

fairytale wedding invitations

Fairytale wedding invitations

When fairytale wedding scenario acquires new details and the main line is already clearly rayed, it is time to think about such trifles as the invitations. Guests will understand where you invite them not only from the text. The original invitation could be left by everyone with pleasure as a souvenir. Invite guests in a special way at your fairytale – use different forms of cards, paper, fonts. Choose fairytale […]

diamond amethyst engagement ring

Amethyst Engagement Rings – Combination of Helpful and Beautiful

The fascinating gloss of an amethyst ring or other jewelry fascinates and attracts attention. Therefore the jewelry with this gem is one of the most luxurious and refined. Each of the natural gems is distinguished by its unique hue, where nature creates stones of pale pink, deep purple and fuchsia colors. A sophisticated cut stone allows it to shine, sparkle throw its bright reflections. Original amethyst engagement rings resemble flowers […]

Funny Wedding Invitation Wording

Funny Wedding Invitation Wording Creates Lightweight And Creative Weddings

When the time comes for choosing a wedding invitation style and wording, marrying couples can be really creative! The most interesting phrases and expressions can come to complete the funniest and most amazing invitations. There is no denial that traditional and classic variants of invitation designs and wording are beautiful and highly appreciated. Yet, funny invitation wording implies some kind of free and friendly manner of informing about one’s marriage. […]

Wedding color schemes 2015

Wedding color schemes for a trendy event

One of the most serious task for a bride is choosing wedding color schemes. It is not easy to pick a color that would be not only pleasant for everyone, but would fit the style of your celebration. The main thing – to find the color pallete that will be great for you, while choosing the correct combination of colors and shades. 1. Mint and pink Mint and pink colors […]

personalized wedding anniversary gifts

Personalized Wedding Gifts: How to Impress Your Guests?

Every family has its own traditions. Wedding is the birth of a new family and its traditions. So why not to make one of its traditions of the giving small gifts, saturated with your love, care, attention to the relatives, friends and loved ones. Believe that all the guests receiving personalized wedding gifts, with delight and admiration will remember about your wedding. Gifts for guests are the way to make […]

calligraphy wedding invitations

Calligraphy wedding invitations

We are so accustomed to run with the times, that have forgotten a bit about such beauty as calligraphy. But how great these handwritten letters look in the calligraphy wedding invitations, greeting cards, and other wedding attributes! Calligraphy has always been considered something luxury and affordable only to the upper strata of society. The deal here is not just in signing cards. Indeed, the calligrapher gives you a family crest […]

cheap butterfly wedding invitations

Butterfly wedding invitations

How rejoice our souls, when we see the first spring butterfly! For spring and summer weddings can be very useful and suitable this light, gentle, romantic image – a symbol of elegance, delicacy and transformation. Butterfly wedding invitations will effectively complement your celebration and create a mood of the lightness and tenderness. Making butterflies cards you can use any colors. Butterflies are very airy and delicate images, they allow you […]

bling wedding invitations

Bling wedding invitations

Bling wedding invitations look very glamorous and attract an incredible attention, thanks to their bright decorations and amazing brilliance. These invitations can be decorated with colorful rhinestones, beads, brooches, stones. These bling decorations can be glued directly onto the paper or on additional decorations, such as bows, flowers, butterflies, which are then fixed on the invitation. The luxurious wedding invitations are ofthen decorated with gorgeous brooches. All wedding invitations decorated […]