Popular Engagement Rings 2015 from Tiffany

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Popular Engagement Rings 2015

Of course the most popular engagement rings 2015 are made by the Tiffany brand. The “Tiffany” word has become the synonymous of the impeccable taste, charming and refined elegance.

Tiffany’s possession is the rich diamond mine in South America. The company has introduced colored diamonds in fashion, using skillful cut and showing its unmatched beauty. Thanks to Tiffany today stones are evaluated not only by size, but the quality of the cut. The classical frame of its ring is thin “legs” that hold the stone above the surface, so the natural shine of a stone is magnified due to the refraction of light on its faces.

The most popular engagement rings 2015 from Tiffany:

Tiffany Embraco is a sample of cold, sparkling beauty. The diamond, weighing 2.5 carats, is surrounded by many small diamonds passed over the surface, so visually it is “hovering” over it.

Jean Schlumberger Bud Ring is a project of Jean Schlumberger. The famous designer was fascinated by the tight buds of roses and tried to recreate the beauty of platinum and gem. The diamond, weighing a half of carat, is taken out the jewelry’s surface with a “keg”, dotted with lots of small brilliants.

Novo engagement ring has almost not visible connection of the stone with the rim. Four thin “legs” delicately support the diamond, which is weighing 2.5 carats. For emphasizing the shining of the gem, the surface is covered with an exquisite ring notch.

Bezet Round is the timeless classic from Tiffany. The round diamond, weighing 2.5 carats, is holded by almost invisible “legs”. The discreet elegance of the ring is highlighted by a thin sleek platinum rim.most popular engagement ring styles

Princess Cut is one of the platinum ring with one carat diamond, made in the medieval style. It reminds the shape of jewelry of the XII century. The bride, who receives such a gift, feels like a real queen.

Tiffany & Co provides customers the opportunity to order their chosen models among popular engagement rings 2015 with small natural or artificial stones. It significantly reduces the price of the jewelry.

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