Purple Wedding Invitations for Thematic Wedding

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Purple Wedding Invitations

The thematic or stylized wedding now is at the top of popularity. Newlyweds are already rather tired oftraditional ceremonies. It is more and more difficult to bring something creative and unusual in suchcelebrations, so their choice falls on the “colorfull” wedding. The world of fashion and beauty is moving on, so there are plenty of design ideas that will blend well in any event and even better if you show imaginationand discover new facets of your talent, being preparing for the wedding in a purple color.

Purple color is considered as a luxury and respectable. It personifies the harmony. There are some some basicshades of this color: violet, blackberry and amethyst. You may use all the shades when choosing purplewedding invitations or stay at one of it. In the combination with white purple is able to make the wholewedding an elegant and stylish. But it is also well combined with yellow or green. So, do not forget to usethese tones in invitations as in all the accessories for party.

You can use a variety of ideas for purple wedding invitations. The most importantly is skillfull combining theshades of purple.

Coming up with a design for invitation cards, remember, what plants and flowers do you associate with thepurple? Perhaps a lavender, violet or iris becomes the “trump card” of your celebration. Invitations can bedecorated with lilac ribbons, attached to the card a sprig of lilacs or lavender, decorated with originalpatterns and ornaments. Flowers can be used not only for decoration of the banquet hall, but also for sweetdishes: such messages will be especially delicate and beautiful.

If you are not able to decorate a postcard with fresh flowers, use a bright floral print, saturated purpleribbon, unusual colored fonts.purple and green wedding invitations

You can make an original applique, decorate the invitation with bright beads, brooches, colored feathers – itdepends on your preference.

You may write the invitational speech on paper of beautiful purple color and turn it into a scroll, adorn witha beautiful ribbon or a special locking collar and put the invitation a special tube for scrolls.

In the center of the invitation card you can place a photo of bride and groom in a frame purple background,use purple satin ribbons, decorations in the form of butterflies and flowers.

By the way, use the idea of purple ink and fill out invitation cards yourself, do not forget to register the dresscode for guests – for a themed wedding it is a good tone and also a necessity.

This beautiful color will give your purple wedding invitations the elegance and exquisiteness, luxury andstyle! You will easy show your guests that they will triumph with the amazing and magical atmosphere full ofpositive, happiness and joy!

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