Rectangle Engagement Rings for the Real Queen

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It was not too difficult to choose rings for those couples, whose wedding was a few decades ago, because there were just smooth and round rings that differed only with the thickness and weight. But today, their choice is almost limitless. So look at some of the most striking and relevant ideas that do not face out of focus the wedding fashion in the next few years.

If you are looking for a ring that will show to beloved, that you feel about her as a real queen, you just do not find better jewelry than rectangle engagement rings. This amazing ring radiates a unique energy of love and looks truly gorgeous, so the future bride will sure love it.

This jewelry is perfect for women who like to look bright, but do not go over the perfect line that separates brightness from bad taste.

Modern wedding rings can be decorated not only with diamonds or sapphires, but rubies, amethysts, emeralds, opals, topazes, garnets, amber, rock crystals and other precious and semi-precious stones. The main thing is their rectangular shape, with perfectly sharp edges, which allows you to admire the natural pattern of stone and the play of light on it. Rectangle engagement rings equally look impressive both on a large and on a narrow hand and advantageously are combined with the trouser suit of the bride.

Perhaps the most popular stone for rectangle engagement rings is a diamond. During several centuries rectangular diamonds were made with the step-cut, which focused attention on the purity and clarity of the stones. After the appearance of brilliant cut of diamonds, stone cutters began to look for a new form of cuts, which could be compared to the “game” of sparkling and shining with a round diamond.Rectangle Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Today we can find ofsome interesting types rectangle diamond engagement rings:

  • “Princess”, which appeared in the 60s and now is popular among brides in the second place after the round. This cut has pronounced corners of a square shape; Brilliant “Princess” follows the natural shape of the octagonal diamond crystal, if you turn the “Princess” up and down the spine area, you will see the form that resembles a pyramid. This beauty cut of “Princess” is rapidly gaining popularity.
  • “Emerald” is the cut of rectangular diamond with the shape of rounded corner edges. Due to the flat surface it reflects less light than other stones do. But this “emerald” remains popular. After all, it embodies a timeless elegance. A lot of celebrities of all ages prefer this faceting;Rectangle Cut Engagement Rings
  • “Pillow” is a cut of square or rectangular shape with rounded corners. This typical diamond has a low ratio of length to width. Its facets are substantially longer than other types have. Thanks to this trick a diamond becomes bright. In general, these stones are associated with ancient jewelry.

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