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A diamond of a round form can claim to be the most incredible among all others diamonds. The shining on its playing of the light may be compared only with a few other stones. A round brilliant engagement ring becomes widespread every year. These timeless elegant jewelries with incredible shining stones are widely represented in jewelry stores all over the world.

In 1919 Marcel Tolkowsky designed the original round  of this gem that creates a perfect sparkle. Nowadays a brilliant of round form owns 57 or 58 facets. With a usual ratio between the length and width of 1:1.02 the cut shows the perfect shape of the crystal to maximize its shine and luster.

Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

The Gemological Institute has presented in 2005 a classification system of the non-modified cut of the diamond, which has a round shape. It is widely used for measuring the proportions to provide the great combination of brightness, light, sparkle and pattern. The quality of the round stone cut makes it to be classified for excellent, good, fair or poor cut. Remember this fact when you’ll decide to buy a round brilliant engagement ring.

Well-known Tiffany &Co. during the past 125 years has improved the round stone cut, that easily made the diamond one of the main stones in jewelery and, of course, one of the most shining, as noted by this famous jewelry company. An ring for an engagement with a classic rim of round diamonds from Tiffany, has been designed more than century ago. Now it is called «the ring of rings» and is still the most popular design of jewelry company. A frame of six prongs raises a diamond of a round form to the light, increasing its light and brilliance.

A round brilliant with the wonderful metal without any decorations will always look great, but if you prefer a ring for engagement with a lot of design details, there are different options with interesting ideas.

If you are ready to get an inspiration from the celebrities, the real fans of rings with round diamonds are Natalie Portman. She is the owner of a stunning ring with a double halo. Scarlett Johansson has a wonderful engagement ring, which is decorated with a round diamond solitaire. It is set on the band and perfectly encrusted with diamonds.

A round brilliant engagement ring, apparently, is the most amazing choice, but still not boring. This amazingly versatile cut may be included in huge number of designs of rings. It may be classic solitaires or modern and antique styles.14k Yellow Gold Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire with Round Side Stones

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