Ruby Wedding Ring Sets with the Magic Power

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Ruby wedding ring sets are very popular among couples. In vogue are twisted rings with engraved, notched, runes, decorated with precious and semiprecious stones. You should be careful with such jewelry, especially stones, because they all have own power and symbolism. Many experts say that the selected stone not only can tell a lot about a person’s character, but also have an impact on the marriage.

Ring with a ruby ​​is a symbol of passion and energy. This stone has healing properties and helps resolve disputes between married couples. Rubin may have a different color from pale pink to deep red. Medieval magicians believed that ruby is a frozen blood of the dragon, which gives to the owner a huge force, the Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks called the ruby ​​”the king of gems” and appreciated it as very expensive rings which could have only aristocrats and higher clergy. In India, this stone is a symbol of the sun in the east – a symbol of love, health, vitality; in Europe – a sign of beauty, loyalty, faith.

Ruby wedding ring sets

Ruby wedding ring sets are for true connoisseurs of jewelry. Choosing it on your wedding day, you program the future. The strength of the powerful ruby is able to hold the marriage from decay, rewarding their owners with patience and sober thinking.

For designers a ruby holds particular interest. This magical red stone attracts and excites the imagination. Jewelers gladly create different models, in which it takes the center place:

  • elegant wedding rings with a number of small stones;
  • classic rings with a ruby;
  • modern intricate patterns of several precious metal alloys and ruby ​​in an unusual cut;
  • ruby in conjunction with diamonds or other precious stones.

Rubies have always been among the most expensive gemstones. For this reason, it is selected currently only by people who have a certain status in the society. But you need to be careful with rubies. If you decide to choose ruby wedding ring sets, this stone is necessary need to be bought for both lovers. Otherwise, the desire for domination, which gives a ruby, can ruin a marriage.ruby wedding sets

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