Save the date wedding cards

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save the date wedding cards

Save the date wedding cards usually indicate just the names of the couple and the date of the upcoming wedding. They are sent to all guests, even those with whom you did not yet determined exactly. Save the date cards have to be to send in 6-10 months before the celebration. In such a way guests will know about the planned event and their plans will be based on it. Agree, it will be very unpleasant if someone would plan a trip abroad, a business trip or conference on “your” day.

First we need to remember that the whole wedding printing must be done in the same style. Therefore, prepare preliminary invitations only at the moment, when you are fully approved the color and style of your event.

To create a unique card some couples use ideas with their photos. It is very convenient in this case to use the Love-story photo shoot.

A few tips for making save the date invites:

  • Do not specify in a prior invitation time and place of your event, because some of the nuances of the holiday may change.
  • These invitations can be not personalized – do not write the names, whom they are addressed.
  • Preliminary invites are not sent later than in 3 months before the wedding, because you should send main invitations before 1,5-1 month.
  • For saving money, send such invitations by e-mail, make a post on social networks.

Save the date wedding cards are the excellent opportunity to establish the exact number of guests. You can ask all people, who have got cards to announce of the possibility or impossibility of presence.

Save the date cards

Save the date cards

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Save the date cardssave the date wedding cards

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