Sparkly Wedding Dresses – Shine Like a Star

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Sparkly Wedding Dresses

Every wedding outfit itself has a festive look, but the bride prefers on this special day to be really wonderful, sophisticated, brilliant. Nowadays it is possible, because the future wife can find in bridal salons sparkly wedding dresses. They are incredibly elegant, but have not become a trend yet. Therefore, many brides just do not know what to expect from them.

What are the sparkly dresses?

Sparkly wedding dresses can be made from different materials. Shiny effect is achieved by sparkling elements (bugles, rhinestones and sparkles-sequins), interweaving of lurex threads, using fabrics with glitter. The product is fully or partially covered with shiny elements that makes it possible to play on contrasts, search for new style solutions, regulate the “brightness” of a dress.

Embroidered with sparkles.
Sequins are flat or slightly convex, bright or matte, faceted or rounded small shiny items. They are sheathed the products, turning them into refined and sophisticated items. Sequins are easily fixed to the usual stitch fabric, so the bride herself can decorate her wedding dress, adding little sparkles to it.

Wedding outfit with rhinestones.
Rhinestones are one of the most beautiful decorations of a wedding gown. They come in different types and quality: from the simplest, which a bride can buy in the near clothing store, to rich-looking crystals and rhinestones Swarovski. Most wealthy bride can afford to sheathe a dress with jewels, but the previous version will shine just as good.

Dresses with bugles.
Bugles are elongated beads, which are used in weaving and decoration. This element of the decor is available in any store for needlework, but with the dress of the bride it works real wonders, turning the simplest attire in exquisite, sensual and sparkly bridesmaid dresses

Wedding dress from brocade.
Brocade is a material that is woven from brilliant imitating of gold or silver threads. Therefore, brocade without additional decorations (rhinestones, sequins, beads), itself has a brilliant sheen. It is dense and heavy and holds a shape well, looks rich and perfect for winter wedding gowns.

Some advices for brides with sparkly dresses.
Shiny clothes look expensive and impressive. Currently, almost every wedding outfit has at least a small shiny element. However, sparkly wedding dresses have certain characteristics that must be considered for wedding to be completely perfect.

  1. Make sure that the sparkly elements are securely sewn or glued to the fabric.
  2. Gently prepare dress for the event – on areas where shiny elements are fixed, use an iron, so the fabric for the dress should not be crumpled.
  3. Keep wisely to the area, which will be decorated with shiny elements, because the brilliance attracts attention and places where there is a flaw on the figure, it is better not to allocate.
  4. Before you buy a shiny outfit for the wedding, check on the fitting, how it will look in different lighting conditions.
  5. If you do not buy ready sparkly wedding dresses, created by the designer, it is impossible for the bride to decorate it herself, sheathing it with shimmering details.

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