Unique Wedding Cakes: Tasty Crazy Wedding Dessert

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When it comes to a wedding couples always strive to organize everything in details. All the decoration flowers, ribbons, wedding initiations and other important aspects must be well though before ordered. Yet, there is something that always becomes the center of attention. This item is the wedding cake. Depending on the wedding theme chosen, the look of the cake can vary. Yet, if you look for a cake within the category of unique wedding cakes, you can be sure you will find an excellent one! A little bit crazy cake will never harm anyone while the whole wedding party will acquire more fun and interest! With outrageous colors and exceptional design elements you can go crazy with your wedding dessert! So here are some models of uncommon cakes for your wedding party!

The famous cake Pillow Tiers, which consists of several rounded cushions will serve as a bright alternative for your wedding day! The colors of this amazing cake can be as different as either pastel soft colors or bright and bold contrasting colors. With such a cake you can be sure your guests will stay amazed and nicely surprised.

Another model among the unique wedding cakes is the Tilted Cake. This cake is very easy to create hence you can be the baker of your own wedding cake. All that you will have to do, is baking a couple of layers with degressive sizes, cut them at unusual angles which will tilt the cake visually. Such a cake has seemingly impossible layers and this feature makes it unique! Decorating the cake is left at your preference.

Another way to add a marvelous and extraordinary look to your cake is using a lot of fruits. If your wedding is meant to be celebrated in summer and you are fond of fruits, you can add plenty of layered fruits! Just imagine how colorful and lively your wedding cake will look! Perhaps the best fruits that add not only colors to the cake but also give a special delicious taste and aroma to it, are strawberries, mango, banana, cherries, apples and blueberries.

For spring fans, which are fond of plants, flowers, butterflies and romantic scenes, there is a nice and unique cake, which best suits garden or outdoor wedding parties. Unique patterns, pastel colors, bowed layers, candy flowers and butterflies can be joint in an unusual yet divine cake design! This cake, which clearly reminds one of a spring scene, is a little bit crazy and is considered as one of the most wonderful unique wedding cakes.

Anyway, there are plenty of other unique cake ideas, which will make you and your guests deeply and sincerely smile with amazement! What is the most important aspect in all these is your ability to make your wedding life as unique and tasty as your wedding cake!

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