Thermography wedding invitations

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thermography wedding invitations

The thermography method was invented as an inexpensive alternative way of the engraving. In this technique for making thermography wedding invitations fresh paint and thermographic powder are used. Cards are making with the effect like embossing, which is obtained by engraving. It is given gloss for the print. It is assumed that the text is not obtained too sharp, like in engraving.

This method of printing makes the imprint with the relief formation due to the special powder deposited on the uncured paint or lacquer, which melts and adheres on it. The thermography method allows to make the letters in the text more volume, relief, pleasant to the touch. For such a method should be carefully selected font type and size for the text: thermo powder used in this technology extends the contours of the text and in the case of small or cursive with curls can “fill in” the text, making it less readable. But in general, do not worry, professional designers know about such nuances of printing.

In addition, ready thermography wedding invitations become more resistant to abrasion and crushing, and this means that the time will not affect on the beauty of the saved like a souvenir card (and in fact, it is just simply impossible throw away such an elegant and original product). This kind of invitations is less formal, but at the same time elegant, as well as engravings. The last ones in their turn are produced faster. However, it is much cheaper as the thermography technology applying is more focused on the surface, rather than embossing.

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thermography wedding invitations

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