Traditional Wedding Invitations – Classic Charm

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Traditional Wedding Invitations

Simple and concise wedding invitations are in the fashion now. Swans, doves, roses, bouquets, huge hearts and other bright images are not suitable for traditional wedding invitations. The main basic for it is grace, the minimum of details and expensive, high-quality paper.

A plain invitation with a beautiful embossed pattern of the same color always looks great. It is bether to give preference to the classic white color. Classic white invitations can be decorated with golden or silver pattern, woven floral ornament, embossed or volume velvet coating. It may be slight decorations in the form of tiny wedding rings, hearts, woven into ornaments or small bows.

If you still prefer to pick up the invitation with a picture, you should choose such options, where one small, inconspicuous, desirable monochrome picture is placed in the center or offset to the corner. It could be one large flower, the black-and-white Eiffel Tower, a handsome bridge or silhouette of a couple. Bright and colorful pictures on traditional wedding invitations are not allowed.

The original forms of these invitations are scrolls. A paper with printed text of the invitation is rolled into a tube and tied up with a ribbon. This scroll can be decorated with flowers, feathers, wax seal, beads, sea shells. Scroll can be packaged in a beautiful box, bottle or bag. The only negative way – scrolls are problematic to be send by mail, you need to give it to every of your guest personally. This kind of invitations are best choice for sea weddings, fabulous themes of adventure.traditional engraved wedding invitations

The decorating of classic wedding invitations is rather complicated. You really need not to overdo it, do not make a card too garish or tasteless. Ribbons, rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, lace are commonly used but in a very moderate amount. Use maximum just one or several rhinestones, ribbon or a piece of lace, but not all of these together at the same time!

One of successful classical variants of wedding invitation cards are made of plain thick paper with embossed design, open in the middle of the two sides and fastened by a bow, the same color as the card is. There can be written text on a card and embedded inside of traditional wedding invitations. Believe, your guests will prefer to keep this as a souvenir.

Do not forget that any invitation is sure to be delivered in an envelope, even if it is delivered by courier. Think about this when choosing a card. Do not forget about the rules of filling and mailing wedding invitations.

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