Tree wedding invitations

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tree wedding invitations

A tree has always been embodied with the genus and family, so the larger and wider tree means the stronger family. Ideas for tree wedding invitations may be different, it depends on the style of your event.

An invitation with a tree lush foliage leaves may accentuate the spring mood of your celebration. Choose an unusual shape of trees (like oak, maple, and others), surprise guests with the unusual design.

For a wedding theme of “Family Tree” use the design of wedding invites with a picture of leaves and branches of oak, as a symbol of a strong young family birth. The wedding cards made from cardboard can be complemented with natural wood die with an engraved wedding date and kraft envelope. This wooden die has to be mounted on the invites in such a way, that it could cover the main text, so the guests for reading the text have to unleash the string, fixing the die.

Now the minimalism is in fashion. Alternatively, place on the invitation the picture of a tree with not many leaves, but the main background of the card make pale green or even almost white. Next, use a very dark green ink for writing the text.

An event in the style of rich greens is often associated with spring trees and, accordingly, the trees – with birds. It will be interesting to add to the tree design of the invites some bright living creatures: colorful rainbow, bird or flower. Try to play with colors, but wisely, because your main theme – the greens. As for the drapery and decoration of tree wedding invitations use fabric of cotton and linen.

Tree invitations

Tree invitations

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    Create a large bow from satin ribbons that are large,
    and add them to at least one part of the rose holder.

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