Unique Bridal Shower Ideas – Combining Business with Pleasure

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Every wedding is preceded by a bridal shower. Use unique bridal shower ideas to organize unforgettable holiday. Whether it will be a beach, restaurant or fancy hotel, the venue of the party could change everything. If you decide to do everything according to a certain theme, then the place of the party should correspond to the whole style.

Sometimes bridal shower is held in the house of relatives, bridesmaids, or even in the bride’s house. Think about an option of a nice place for a picnic, making a fire and cooking outdoors in the back yard. Your place has to comply with the personality of the bride and budget.

Unique bridal shower ideas help to select a theme for the venue of the party: Hawaiian, French, Chinese or Spanish version work great here. Or adapt the theme to the venue of the event, if the party is on the beach, then the best is suited Hawaiian theme.

Pajama party is the most common variant of bridal shower. The meaning of the party is very simple – girls are going to the bride’s house and arrange a beauty salon at home. The dress code for this party – pajamas, nightshirts, kimono. Bridesmaids first pay attention to the hero of the occasion and then each other. The program includes activities such as manicures, pedicures, hair coloring, eyebrow correction and more. After these procedures girls enjoy vanilla ice cream, popcorn, play twister, arrange pillow fights.

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

How to organize a bridal shower, combining business with pleasure? Enjoy your girly company in the beauty salon. This party before the wedding will allow to tidy yourself up on the eve of an important event. Care procedures for face, body and hair perfectly relax and settle down to sincere conversation. You may also order a master class from a makeup artist or stylist.

Choose a theme of charity. Ask your guests to not bring gifts, but instead of it to donate some money to charity. Considering that in any case you will get wedding gifts on other pre-wedding parties, it is like a “double-dip” and this can cause irritation of guests.

Among the unique bridal shower ideas choose some favors for guests. Purchase a few souvenirs. If there will be games at your bridal shower, you can reward winners with gifts. Make small gift bags and fill them with various pleasant items. You can buy photo albums, picture frames, beautiful pens, coffee cups, tea towels, candles, nail polish, etc. It is the duty of the hostess – to send the guests at home with a small souvenir. Your souvenir has to be small, but meaningful and fit the theme of your party.

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