Unique vintage wedding rings: types and meening

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Unique vintage wedding rings according to several fashion magazines are in the top three among popular rings nowadays. Vintage style made ​​its way into the jewelry fashion. The concept of “vintage ring” refers to a narrow ring, made ​​in the style of “antique”. In the center of the decoration there should be a gem (topazes, sapphires and rubies. You can choose how to narrow decoration with any precious stone or a flat ring with artificially aged surface. Such jewelry are suitable for thematic weddings in “retro” style. Even in the face of traditional marriage ceremony vintage engagement ring will be able to create an incomparable atmosphere of mysterious ritual. Vintage rings are often artificially make old, tarnish, to appear that they were worn by generations.

Unique vintage wedding rings which once already changed owners still are popular. The apparent advantage of such rings are considered the highest quality workmanship and a small price compared to new jewelry.

Types of unique vintage wedding rings

  • Victorian Rings (1835-1900) made ​​of yellow or rose gold and feature a simple elegant design. Wedding rings with diamonds in victorian style are symbols of romance and tenderness. Such products are often decorated with sentimental engraved on the reverse side. Victorian style is characterized by the use in the design quite large diamonds and small pearls.
  • Edwardian engagement rings (1900-1920) appeared in the period of the platinum popularity, sapphires and diamonds. For creating edwardian rings the frame-groove is used. These elegant and refined products have excellent delicate and elegant design with the the subtlest curls.
  • Rings in art deco (1920 – 1930) are a reflection of a trend that has brought the world of fashion popularity of ethnic motives from the exotic countries in Asia and Egypt. Such rings are sure to adorn a variety of colorful gemstones and base metal platinum acts. Vintage jewelry style are a bold version of the wedding decorations. This product design requires a clear, very smooth geometric lines. Rings with diamonds in the genre of art deco are in the shape of a rectangle, a rhombus or trapezoid.

However, this does not prevent the connoisseurs of vintage design to become owners of elegant, sophisticated and mysterious wedding rings with “antique” diamonds. Jewelry can be made by the hands of an experienced master and it will be the exclusive vintage product.

Unique vintage wedding rings, which actually have a great history and have survived from bygone eras, are incredibly valuable items. This explains the impressive cost, thanks to which the original jewelry available only to very wealthy people.

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